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DUPREL familyAndre Duprel's children

family of Septfontaines, Luxembourg are first mentioned in the 1767 baptismal record of Jean-Baptiste du Prel. Jean Baptiste is the son of Jean du Prel and Catherine Weiler. A great grandson of Jean Baptiste, Andre Duprel emigrated to North America in 1901. Andre married Anna Gilson of Berg Luxembourg in 1902 at Port Washington, Wisconsin.
Duprel / du Prel page

DeMOTT family
Albert Banta DeMotte

The DeMOTTE surname is a place name of French origin. MOTTE means hill or mound, in French "de" means "of" or "from", "la" means "the", "de la MOTTE" means people from the hill or mound. The Castle was always built on a hill or higher land. de la Motte was the name of the people in the castle. The castle Motte was located in Bretagne, as the family expanded they erected castles, named after the original family seat, in several parts of France and Belgium. DeMott page

STEICHEN family Urbain Steichen family

   Gaspar STEICHEN lived in Hettange around 1585? Hettange is near Thionville, France. Gaspar STEICHEN has 2 known children: Geoge STEICHEN (land magistrate for the District lords in Haute-Rentgen, France) and Nicolas STEICHEN of Schifflange, Luxembourg. Nicolas was born ca. 1595 at Haute, Rentgen, France, he settled in Schifflange, Luxembourg. His son Joannes was born there in 1620. Joseph STEICHEN compiled the first known family history of the STEICHEN family. Joseph was born in 1887. In his family history Joseph wrote that the above Joannes STEYCHEN landowner, Mayor, is married and living in his mothers's house. Steichen page

HOLDREN family
William B. Holdren

Adren HOLDREN often referred to as Aid HOLDREN was born 1785 in New Jersey. Aid married Abigail DeMOTT on 16 May 1813. Abigail was born 22 Sep 1794 at Columbia, PA. she died 30 Oct 1868 at White Hall, Montour Co., PA. Aid died 11 Nov 1868 at White Hall. Aid HOLDREN was a native of New Jersey, he came to Whitehall and farmed there staying there the rest of his life, dying at the age of eighty four. Holdren page

SCHAFF family John C. Schaff family

John C. SCHAFF was born 29 May 1857 at Hennersdorf, Schlesien, Germany. While still a youth made his way to the United States, according to family history John was a stowaway on the ship that brought him to Pensacola Florida (August 1873). Although he had one brother and two sisters in Germany, John was the only member of his family to come to America. John worked his way westward until 1880 when he enlisted in the Army (4th Cavalry) at St. Louis, MO. Schaff page

BLUM family Messancy, Belgium

Mathias BLUM (born 1740) husband of Margaretha SCHMIT might be the son of Mathias BLUM and Catherine SCHERER. Mathias BLUM and Catherine SCHERER have four known children, a daughter Jeanne born 1742 at Messancy, Belgium a son Dominique born 6 Mar 1749 at Messancy, a son Jean Mathias born 1760 at Bebange. Dominique BLUM born 1749 married Jeanne MEDELS on 2 Apr 1773 at Messancy,

Blum FGS

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DERR family
Sarah Derr and daughter  Virginia Holdren

Sarah DERR was born 18 Nov 1818 in PA she married William B. HOLDREN on 15 Jan 1842 in Columbia, PA. William enlisted in Comapny "I" 89th Regiment, Illionis Infantry. He died in the Civil War battle of Stones River (Murfressboro, Tenn). Sarah Derr-Holdren married (2nd) Samuel B. CARNAHAN. Sarah died 19 Jan 1878, Compton, Lee, IL. Derr FGS

GILSON family
Phillip Gilson's children

Joannes GILSON born about 1710 Habay la Vielle, Belgium? He married Marie Joanna LeCOMTE about 1737 probably in Habay la Veille (old Luxembourg) The only information known about Joannes and Marie came from their children's baptismal records. According to their daughter Francica record they were living in Ferrifodina (a section of Berg), this was in the year 1739. The godfather on this record was Peter BEAUDEUX of Habay la Veille. Joannes and Marie have 5 children, all born in Colmar-Berg in the canton of Diekirch in Luxembourg Gilson page

MAMER family
Nicolas Mamer and Katherine Steichen

Anton Friedrich MAMER born 1660 married Anna ENNER about 1691. Anton and Anna have 12 children all born Septfontaines in the house known as the "Friedges House". The house name FRIEDGES comes from the given name of Friedrich. In 1751 Margaretha MAMER daughter of Anton Friedrich MAMER resided at the FRIEDGES house with her husband Mathias WEILER. The WEYLER family also had the FRIEDGESs /FRIDTGES house name associated with their surname. Mamer page

HOLST family
Katherine Holst

Katherine HOLST, wife of Willis HOLDREN, was born Aug 16, 1859, at Sabula, Iowa, south of Dubuque on the Mississippi River. She is the oldest daughter of Johann HOLST and Christine STAACK, who had emigrated from Schleswig Holstein, then a province of Denmark in 1851. but a few years later claimed by Germany in the Prussian War. This war was the reason for the emigrants coming to America among them Johann Holst and some brothers and sisters and Christine Staack, whom Johann married after they reached America, from New Orleans where the ship docked, the party came up the Mississippi River to Sabula, Iowa. Holst FGS

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