Other family researchers and I have found STEICHENS that we are unable to connect to known family lines. I have listed that informatioin below. If the research is other than my own I have listed the researcher name / e-mail address. The below information is for reference only.

(1) Peter STEICHEN born abt 1829 at Lonwy, son of Anna Marie STEICHEN, fathers name is unknown. Peter married Maria ANTON on 18 Jan 1865, she is the daughter of Nicolas ANTON & Margarethe TRAUSCH. Peter & Marie married at Bertrange, Luxembourg. They have 6 known children all born Bertrange.    a. Johann STEICHEN born 1865 (aka) STEICH. b. Susanne STEICHEN born 30 Oct 1866. c. Catherine STEICHEN born 23 Dec 1868. d. Nicolas STEICHEN born 23 May 1871. e. Rosa STEICHEN born 22 Oct 1873. f. Johann Peter STEICHEN born 28 May 1876. (2) Marie STEICHEN married Nicolas OLINGER in 1809 at Garnich, Luxembourg. (3) Marie STEICHEN married Stephanus SCHOLTES in 1810 at Garnich (4) Mathias STEICHEN married to Maria HINTGEN. Mathias and Maria have 10 known children all born at Bettembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1135122 (birth) Bettembourg a. Johann Peter STEICHEN born 18 Dec 1861 b. Eugen STEICHEN born 14 Aug 1864 c. Eugen STEICHEN born 11 Mar 1866 d. Peter STEICHEN born 20 Feb 1868 e. Maria Margarethe STEICHEN born 24 Mar 1870 f. Johann Nikolas STEICHEN born 17 Oct 1871 g. Marie Eugenie STEICHEN born 28 Feb 1873 h. Marie Cleophia STEICHEN born 9 Apr 1875 i. Johann Nikolas STEICHEN born 18 Mar 1877 j. Paul STEICHEN born 30 Jan 1878 (5) Theodore STEICHEN married to Anne MANDERNACH. Theodore and Anne have 2 known children both born at Eischen, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1139663 (birth) Hobschied a. Margurethe STEICHEN born 2 Apr 1875. b. Marie Barbie STEICHEN born 15 Apr 1877. (6) Marie STEICHEN married Michel HOCKER? on 28 Jul 1868 at Hesperange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1139657 tables. (7) Marie STEICHEN married Michel KAISER on 11 Sep 1847 at Hesperange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1139657 tables. (8) Margaruthe STEICHEN born abt 1812 at Finzig daughter of Jean STEICHEN and Maarguerite PICHARD. married Jean RAUSCH who was born abt 1808 son of Jean RAUSCH and Marie THOLL. SOURCE: lds film 1139657 Hesperange tables. (9) Catherine STEICHEN born 4 Dec 1812 at Burange, Dudelange, Luxembourg, daughter of Jean STEICHEN and Anne PAULY from Dudelange. married Pierre SCHUMAN on 24 Jan 1838 at Frisange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1140302 Frisange (marriage). Catherine and Pierre have 1 known child:> a. Henri SCHUMAN born 30 May 1839 at Hellange. Henri Lux Army certificate 1873. Henri married Margueite THEIS on 21 Jul 1873, she is the daughter of Johann THEIS. (10) Marie STEICHEN married Jean MOES on 4 Feb 1854 at Frisange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1140302 Frisange. (11) Jean STEICHEN married Madeline MAES on 31 Mar 1830 at Remich, Luxemobourg. SOURCE: lds film 1140374 Remich. (12) Susanne STEICHEN married to Joseph MULLER. Susanne and Jospeh have 4 known children, all born Lollingen, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 0425108 Schifflnage (birth) a. Elisabeth MULLER born 15 Jul 1750 b. Catharina MULLER born 8 Feb 1752. c. Petrus MULLER born 20 May 1754. d. Anna Catharina MULLER born 27 May 1756. (13) Marie Jeanette STEICHEN born 5 Aug 1843 at Cessingen, Luxembourg, daughter of Johann STEICHEN and Maria THOMMES from Cessange. Marie Jeanette married Pierre NILLES born Mar 1835 at Kayl son of Michel NILLES and Margarethe WEINARD. Marie and Pierre married on 13 May 1868 at Hollerich, they have 7 known children 2 died at Cessingen. SOURCE: lds film 1792376 Hollerich (death) a. Pierre NILLES died 13 Jul 1898 (aka Jean Pierre) b. Mathias Adolphe NILLES died 29 Oct 1869. Update 14 Jan 2005 The Marie Jeannete STEICHEN connection to known STEICHEN family lines has been found by Jean-Pierre WEIDERT, Erpeldange, Lux. jean-pierre@weydert.com (Jan 2005) Marie Jeanette STEICHEN is the great granddaughter of Joannes Baptiste STEICHEN born 1717 at Strassen, Luxembourg and Marie SCHOLTES of Huncherange, Luxembourg. (14) Jean STEICHEN married Theresa WAGNER at Kayl on 21 Nov 1860 SOURCE: lds film 1139673 Kayl tables. (15) Anne STEICHEN daughter of Henrich STEICHEN, she was a widow at the time of her death on 13 Sep 1825 at Kayl. SOURCE: lds film 1139673 Kayl. (16) Johann STEICHEN husband of Barbara STEINS. Johann and Barbara have 1 known child. a. Heinrich STEICHEN born 1857 died 1877, married Maria LUDIG /LIUDIG?. she was 25 years old at time of marrige in Kayl. Her parents are Jacob LIUDIG and Catherine STOLTES from Kayl. (17) Francois STEICHEN born 1778 son of Michel STEICHEN and Marie SCHUMAN. Francois married 1st Marie KAUFMAN ON 2 Aug 1814 at Dalheim, Luxembourg, they have 1 known child, Marie STEICHEN born Rechinghof (Rechingen), Dalheim, died 14 Nov 1872 she married Nikolas MONDLOCH 1827 at Rollingen, Bous, Luxembourg. married 2nd Marie BIVER. SOURCE: lds film 11239624 Dalheim (marrige) (18) Marie Joseph STEICHEN daughter of Michel STEICHEN and Marie FINTANGE? of Berg, Mersch, Luxembourg. Marie married Jean Pierre GLAESENER on 21 Jun 1817 at Berg. SOURCE: lds film 1135114 Berg (birth)Marie and Jean have 5 known children all born at Berg. a. Michel GLAESENER born 21 Oct 1817 AKA: GLOESENER b. Jean Baptiste GLOESENER born 2 Feb 1819 c. Jean Baptiste GLOESENER born 28 Oct 1820 d. Catherine GLOESENER born 13 May 1828 e. Jean Pierre Glasener born 29 Jun 1831 (19) Johann M. STEICHEN age 52? married Elisabeth Caroline SCHAACK from Belgium. SOURCE: lds film 1169410 Mersch. (20) Anne Catherine STEICHEN married Dominic Francois MADER on 27 Apr 1853 at Ettelbruck, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1141673 Ettelbruck (tables) (21) Marie STEICHEN married Michel HOCKER? on 28 Jul 1868 at Hesperange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1139657 Hesperange (tables) (22) Johann STEICHEN married Catherine KEYSER, they have 2 known children both born at Grenemacher, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1791856 Grenemacher (birth) a. Marie STEICHEN born 7 Jul 1856. b. Joseph Christian STEICHEN born 20 Apr 1853 (23) Petri STEICHEN married Maria Elisabeth SCHMIDT, they have 3 known children, all born at Angelsberg, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 0425066 a. Petrus STEICHEN born 1764 b. Maria Margaretha STEICHEN born 1759 c. Magdalena STEICHEN born 23 Jun 1775 (24) Peter STEICHEN married Margarethe ENYEN, they have 1 known child. Catharina STEICHEN born 6 Jun 1727 at Strassen, Luxembourg, AKA: STEYCHEN. SOURCE: 0424951 Bertrange page 239 (25) Catharina STEICHEN daughter of Petri STEICHEN from Strassen. She married Adami GROTTES son of Adamus GROTTES. They married on 6 Jan 1729 at Filsdorff, Luxembourg. They have 2 known children. SOURCE: lds film 0424982 Dalheim. a. Catharina GROTTES born 9 Aug 1742 at Filsdorff. b. Mathias GROTTES born 2 Dec 1744 at Filsdorff. (26) Marie STEICHEN married Jean MOES on 4 Feb 1854 at Frisange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1140302 Frisange (marriage) (27) Marie STEICHEN married Michel KAISER on 11 Sep 1847 at Hesperange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1139657 Hesperange (tables) (28) Eduard STEICHEN husband of Susanna WAGNER, they have 9 known children all born Ferscheweiler, Germany. SOURCE: lds film 0463565 Ferscheiler (birth & death) a. Leopoldus Hubertus STEICHEN died 24 Sep 1921 b. Anna STEICHEN died 4 Sep 1921 c. Rudolphus STEICHEN d. Urbain STEICHEN born 23 Oct 1911 e. Leontine STEICHEN born 13 Sep 1912 f. Fenil? STEICHEN born 14 Dec 1915 g. Grutrig STEICHEN born 20 Jul 1917 h. Eduard STEICHEN born 6 Mar 1921 i. Norbert STEICHEN born 28 Dec 1911> (29) Andre STEICHEN son of Dominik STEICHEN and Margarethe KAUFFMAN from Galnes / Zalusie? Andre married Catherine GANGLER daughter of Michel GANGLER and Elisabeth MARCHAL. Andre & Catherine were married on 2 May 1855 at Reckange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1140368 Reckerange (marriage) (30) Dominique STEICHEN married Anne Marie NICKELS on 14 May 1875 at Mondercange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1140348 Mondercange (marriage) (31) Jean STEICHEN son of Peter STEICHEN. Jean married Catherine WEIS on 8 May 1861 at Mondercange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: lds film 1140348 Mondercange (marriage) (32) Henri STEICHEN son of Joannes STEICHEN and Maria CORENTZ from Sentzig? Henri married Susanna SIBENERS on 10 Jan 1724 at Rustorff, France. Susanna is the daughter of Joannes Michael SIBENERS and Anna BRAUN. Henri STEICHEN died 16 Sep 1759 at Rustorff. Henri and Susanna have 9 known children all born Rustorff. SOURCE: lds film 1331655 Sierck. a. Jacque STEICHEN born 13 Apr 1731 at Rustorff. married Elisabeth BOOS on 8 Jan 1754 at Rustorff. Jacque & Elisabeth have 2 known children both born at Rustorff, France. 1. Pierre STIECHEN born 13 Apr 1755 2. Marguerite STEICHEN born 26 Apr 1757 died 7 Nov 1760. b. Pierre STEICHEN born 10 Dec 1733 at Rustorff. c. Jean STEICHEN born 17 Oct 1735 at Rustorff d. Margarethe STEICHEN 7 Dec 1737 at Rustorff, she married Dieudonne BRACONNIES on 13 Jan 1756, he the son of Jean BRACONNIES and Marguerite FRANK. Margurithe & Dieudonne married at Rustorff. e. Michel STEICHEN born Mar 1744 at Rustorff, he married Marguerite SCHMIT on 29 Mar 1820 at Sierck, Moselle, France, she is the daughter of Jean SCHMIT and Anne Marie NENNIG. They have 1 daughter, Catherine born 21 May 1771. f. Jacque STEICHEN born 18 Jan 1749 at Rustorff died 6 Jul 1751. g. Jacque STEICHEN born 26 Jul 1751 at Rustorff. h. Catherine STEICHEN died 20 Jun 1753, married to Jean ERPELDANGE. i. Joannes STEICHEN born 1727. (33) Pierre STEICHEN married Elisabeth LIMPACH / LIMBACLY, they have 10 known children all born at Rustorff, France. I suspect tha Pierre STEICHEN is the son of the above mentioned Henri STEICHEN & Susanna SIBENERS. SOURCE: lds film 1331658 & 1331660 Sierck (#32)children are as follows: a. Francois STEICHEN born 17 Sep 1765 b. Jean STEICHEN born 25 Aug 1767 c. _____ STEICHEN born 25 Feb 1769 d. Elisabeth STEICHEN born 9 Apr 1771 e. Anne STEICHEN born 6 Jun 1773 f. Jean STEICHEN born 1 Nov 1775 g. Catherine STEICHEN born 21 May 1789 h. Pierre STEICHEN born 24 Jan 1781 i. Catherine STEICHEN born 26 Dec 1786 j. Catherine STEICHEN born 14 May 1790 (34) Jean STEICHEN born abt 1774, married Marguerite BROUTSCHERT, Jean & Marguerite have 5 known children all born Rustorff, France. SOURCE: lds film 1331664 Sierck a. Nicolai STEICHEN born abt 1806 died 4 Dec 1867 at Rustorff, France, married Anne KLEIN on 26 Jan 1837 at Rustorff. Anne is the daughter of Jacques KLEIN & Catherine STEICHEN. SOURCE: lds film 1331664 Sierck (marriage) b. Madeleine STEICHEN born 6 Oct 1824 married Jean KLEIN on 13 Jan 1842 at Rustorff. they have 1 child Catherine KLEIN born 4 Dec 1842 at Rustorff. c. Pierre STEICHEN born abt 1800 married Elisabeth KLEIN, they have 3 known children all born Rustorff, France. SOURCE: lds film 1331663 Sierck (birth & death) 1. Jean STEICHEN died 7 Jul 1829 2. Pierre STEICHEN born 11 Apr 1835 3. Anne STEICHEN born 28 Jan 1833 (witness on birth record Michel STEICHEN age of 29) e. Elisabeth STEICHEN married Jean BERNARDY on 9 Jan 1834 at Sierck, France. f. Michel STEICHEN born abt 1805 died 25 Oct 1868 at Rustorff, married Madeline LEYDER on 16 Jun 1840. They have 3 known children 1. Michel STEICHEN born 4 Nov 1839, married Marguerite SIEVENER on 12 Mar 1863 at Rustorff, France. Michel and Marguerite have 4 children all born Rustorff. SOURCE: 1331667 Sierck (birth) A. Jeanne STEICHEN born 7 Nov 1863 B. Elisabeth STEICHEN born 2 Jun 1865 C. Jean Pierre STEICHEN born 3 Feb 1969 D. Michel STEICHEN born 17 Feb 1871 died 17 May 1871 2. Pierre STEICHEN born 21 Jul 1842 at Rustorff. 3. Jacque STEICHEN born 9 Jun 1845 married Marguerite KLEIN on 24 Jan 1867 at Rustorff. Jacque and Marguerite have 3 known children all born Rustorff. SOURCE: 1331667 lds film (death) A. Margarethe STEICHEN born 9 Dec 1867 died 24 Jan 1868 B. Jean STEICHEN born 16 Feb 1869 C. Jean Pierre STEICHEN born 17 Jul 1870 died 11 Oct 1870 (35) Pierre STEICHEN born abt 1781 died 1849. according to his son Adam birth record he was 26 when Adam was born. Pierre married Marguerite KLEIN. Pierre & Marguerite have 8 known children all born Rustorff, France. SOURCE: lds film 1331662 Sierck (birth & death) a. Adam STEICHEN born 20 Jan 1816, married Anne BROUTSCHERS on 5 Feb 1844 at Rustorff, France. they have 1 known child that was stillborn on 27 May 1846 at Rustorff. b. Marguerite STEICHEN born 9 Sep 1818 c. Francois STEICHEN died 6 Sep 1819 d. Catherine STEICHEN born 8 Nov 1820 e. Jacque STEICHEN born 21 Sep 1821 married Catherine SCHMIT ON 19 Jan 1849 at Rustorff, France. Jacque & Catherine have 4 known children all born Rustorff. SOURCE: lds film 1331665 Sierck (birth) 1. Francois STEICHEN born 27 Dec 1849 2. Catherine STEICHEN born 28 May 1852 3. Marie STEICHEN born 19 Dec 1854 4. Anne STEICEN born 1856 f. Michel STEICHEN born 26 Mar 1826 died 22 Feb 1828 g. Marguerite STEICHEN born 26 Apr 1825 h. Pierre STEICHEN born abt 1800, married Marguerite KHOL on 26 Feb 1838 at Rustorff, France. Pierre and Marguerite have 6 known children all born at Rustorff, France. SOURCE: lds film 1331665 Sierck (birth) a. Marguerite STEICHEN born 21 Mar 1840 b. Catherine STEICHEN born 19 Jul 1842 (triplet) c. Jacque STEICHEN born 19 Jul 1842 (triplet) d. Michel STEICHEN born 19 Jul 1842 (triplet) e. Pierre STEICHEN born 6 Oct 1844 f. Adam STEICHEN born 8 Oct 1838 (36) Adam STEICHEN born about 1818 married Marie GEORGES they have 3 known children all born Rustorff, France, SOURCE: lds film 1131665 & 1331667 (birth & death). a. Pierre STEICHEN born 6 Mar 1848 (witnes at birth Jacques STEICHEN from Rustorff age of 26) b. Adam STEICHEN born 11 Sep 1849. c. Nicolas STEICHEN died 18 May 1871. (37) Pierre STEICHEN born abt 1835 married Susanne SPANG they have 5 known children all born Rustorff, France. SOURCE: 1331667. a. Nicolai STEICHEN born 26 Nov 1863 died 25 Sep 1866. b. Elisabeth STEICHEN born 1862 c. Christine STEICHEN born 9 Sep 1865 died 10 Mar 1868 d. Marie STEICHEN born 11 Dec 1868 died 8 Apr 1869 e. Bernard STEICHEN born 13 Feb 1870 (38) Jean STEICHEN born abt 1826 married Marie Jeanne MALLINGER. Jean and Marie have 1 known child born at Rettel, Moselle, Franche. SOURCE: 1260676 a. Jacques STEICHEN born 4 Dec 1854 (39) Pierre STEICHEN married Madelaine SCHLESSER on 16 Jan 1843 in Malling, Moselle, France. (40) Jean STEICHEN married Anne BETTEMBOURG they have 1 known chld born Rettel, Moselle, France. SOURCE: lds film 1260676 a. Jean STEICHEN born 26 Oct 1795 at Rettel married Madelaine KIRPES on 9 Jan 1816 in Rettel, they have 2 known children, born Rettel. SOURCE: Lds film 1260676. 1. Jacque STEICHEN born 12 Aug 1820 married Susanne DONNEN, they have 1 known child born Montenach, Moselle, France.> A. Jean Pierre STEICHEN born 5 May 1882 married Anne Catherine SCHEID on 2 Sep 1912 at Sierck. 2. Marie STEICHEN married Michel KRIPS on 15 Feb 1790 at Dudelange, they resided in Burange, Marie was living in Kayl at time of marriage (41) Matthias STEICHEN married Anna SINNER, they have 4 known children born in Ferschweiler, Prussia (Germany)    a. Maria Anna Virgine STEICHEN born 10 Dec 1866, married Joannes CRYPIOR on 17 Feb 1901 at Diesburgerhof, Germany. SOURCE: Lds film 0463565    b. Adelphus STEICHEN born 22 Jan 1870    c. Maria Leontine STEICHEN born 30 Mar 1868    d. Joannes Baptiste STEICHEN born 20 Jan 1875. SOURCE: Lds film 0463565 (42) John Henry STEICHEN born abt 1789 in France, married Katharina KEISLER (AKA: HEISLER). John and Katharina have the following 6 children. SOURCE: Jeanette Pinger of Fairbanks, AK. (1994)    a. Peter STEICHEN born 1 Jun 1828 at Lotharingia, France, died 12 Sep 1912 at Wayne, Washington, WI. married Johanna GALLES on 6 Feb 1855 in Washington County, WI.    b. John STEICHEN born 9 Sep 1835 in France, died 9 Sept 1910 at Wayne, WI. married Hellana Reisdorfer before 1869 in WI.    c. Nicholas STEICHEN born Aug 1841 in France, married Elisabeth STEICHEN before 1867 in Washington county, WI.    d. John Henry STEICHEN born 1 Aug 1844 in France, died 27 Jun 1921 at Stanley, Chippewa, WI. married Katharine Maria BOEGEL on 23 Jun 1869 at Ashford, WI. they have the following 12 children. SOURCE: Jeanette PINGER of Fairbanks, AK. (1994)      1. Maria C. STEICHEN born Aug 1871, married Peter DRACE in 1882 at Stanley, Chippewa, WI.      2. Petronella Johanna STEICHEN born 13 Jun 1873 at Wayne, Washington Co., WI. married Patrick MOORE in 1895.      3. Johan Heinrick STEICHEN born about 1874 died before 1880, married Catherine GAASH.      4. Henry A. STEICHEN born about 1876.      5. Franzisca Johanna STEICHEN born 1 Sep 1877 at Kewaskum, WI. died 13 Sep 1877 at Kewaskum, WI.      6. Gertrude STEICHEN born about 1878.      7. Henry John STEICHEN born 10 Aug 1879.      8. Elizabeth STEICHEN born Aug 1881.      9. Rosa STEICHEN born Mar 1882.      10. Helen M. STEICHEN born 9 Mar 1883 at Stanley, WI. died 12 Dec 1918 at Stanley, married Francis A. KONSELLA on 14 Oct 1907 at Stanley.      11. Clara Ramona STEICHEN born 6 Jul 1888 at Edson, WI. died 7 Jul 1953 at Los Angeles, CA. married Charles John HAYTON on 3 Oct 1906 at Glendale, CA.      12. Henrietta STEICHEN born Jun 1890 at Chippewa, WI.    e. Elizabeth STEICHEN born about 1848 at Washington CO., WI. died 24 Mar 1925 at Kewaskum, WI.    f. Catherine STEICHEN born Nov 1831 in France, died before 1920, married Casper MILLER about 1855. (43) Christophours? STEICHEN born 23 Feb 1831 at Euren, Prussia, son of Anna Maria STEICHEN. SOURCE: Lds film 0556913 (44) Dominique STEICHEN married Marie KAUFFMAN, they have the following 3 children.    a. Jean STEICHEN born 1814 at Soleurve, married Marie Jeanne METZLER born 1816 daughter of Jean METZLER and Angelique THILL from Hollerich. Jean and Marie were married on 16 Apr 1845 at Sanem, Luxembourg, they have the following 3 children all born at Soleurve. SOURCE: Lds film 1140391 Sanem.      1. Margarethe STEICHEN married Jean Pierre JUNGERS on 16 Jan 1872 at Soleurve. witness Andre STEICHEN a farmer age of 22. Jean Pierre is the son of Nicolas JUNGERS and Marie KRIER.      2. Andre STEICHEN born 1850      3. Marie STEICHEN born 1844, married Jean Nicolas HEYMES son of Peter HEYMES and Catherine THEISEN from Eschen, witness Andre Steichen a farmer age of 22. Marie and Jean were married on 9 Jul 1872 at Sanem.    b. Marie STEICHEN born Soleurve, married Bernard on 17 Jul 1840 at Sanem.    c. Theodore STEICHEN born 1823 (not sure he belongs this family, brothers wedding record has him as age of 22 from Soleurve) (46) Guillaume STEICHEN from Rouse, Moselle, France, died before 1812. married Margueritha BERNER, they have a daughter, SOURCE: Lds film 1139641 Frisange.    a. Margarethe STEICHEN born 20 Apr 1788 Rouse, married Guillaume MONCEAU on 28 Jan 1812 at Frisange. He is the son of Robert MONCEAU and Marguerithe ABEL from Hellange. (47) Wilhelim STEICHEN born about 1760 married Anna SCHUSTER, they have the following 4 children all born Cessingen. SOURCE: Lds film 1792374 Hollerich.    a. Mathias STEICHEN born 13 Apr 1811 married Susanna PHILIPPE on 3 Jun 1839 at Cessingen, she born Aug 1814 at Gremacher? daughter of Joseph PHILIPPE and Elisabeth SCHRIDER. b. Johan STEICHEN born 15 Jun 1805, married Maria THOMES on 24 Jul 1836 at Cessingen, she is the daughter of Etien THOMES and Catherine WEISGEBER? Johan and Maria have the following 2 children born at Cessingen      1. Marie Jeanette STEICHEN born 5 Aug 1847 married Pierre NILLES.      2. Catherine STEICHEN died 8 Feb 1857 at Cessingen.      c. Ann STEICHEN born 15 Dec 1802, married Franz HIPPERT on 23 Jun 1826 at Cessingen, he is the son of Leonard HIPPERT and Margarethe ROCK.      d. Marie STEICHEN born 5 Apr 1797, married Johann FRANK on 17 Jan 1821 (48) Maria STEICHEN born 1802 at Rechingen? (from Dalheim) daughter of Franz STEICHEN and Marie KAUFFMAN. She married Michel MONDLOCH on 6 Sep 1827, he is the son of Mathias MONDLOCH and Maria SCHRAAN? (49) Nicolas STEICHEN a farmer was born 1852 at Hagen married Maria BERG, they have a daughter Anna STEICHEN who died on 3 Oct 1890 at Hagen. SOURCE: Lds film 1792064 Steinfort (50) Louis F. Steichen wrote, last week he found a relationship with his sister-in-law. Her gr.gr.mother was Margret Steichen from Soleuvre (Zolver) Margret married Pierre Wagner who was from Clervaux. Margret is the daughter of Theodor Steichen (b. 15.06.1823 in Soleuvre) and Elisabeth Cuvellier. SOURCE: Louis F. Steichen e-mail address: Felixart@pt.lu (52) Nicolas STEICHEN ca. 1660, married to Marie PIERRE, they have 2 children: SOURCE: family tree maker super cd-rom bundle IV (1998)       a. Catherine STEICHEN married 1713 at Russange, Moselle, France (old Luxembourg) to Francois HENRY, son of Francois HENRY and Margueritte BRO. Francois and Catherine have 2 known chilrren:         1. Angelique HENRY born 1713 at Russange, Moselle, France.         2. Barbe HENRY born 5 Dec 1716 at Russange, Moxelle, France.       b. Nicolas STEICHEN (53)   Elizabeth STEICHEN died 31 Jan 1763 at Russange, Mosselle France. married to Dominique PIERRONS. SOURCE: family tree super bundle IV (1998) (54)   Angelique STEICHEN married Francois CANONIER, they have 2 known children both born Russange, Moselle, France.       a. Adam CANONIER born 23 Jan 1696       b. Catherine CANONIER born 3 Jun 1697 (55)   Francois STEICHEN married ______ PRETENMEYER, they have 1 known child.       a. Pierre STEICHEN born Dudelange, Luxembourg. married Margaretha BREYER on Dec 1788 at Rumelange, Luxembourg. Pierre had another spouse 1st name Margaretha. SOURCE: family tree super bundle IV (1998) (56) 1 Pierre Steichen d: 06 Feb 1824 in Stegen, LU +Joanna Schroeder b: 1780 d: 12 Aug 1826 in Stegen, LU 2 Jean Steichen b: 1821 in Jungenbuschoff-Ermsdorf, LU 2 Pierre Anton Steichen b: 14 Sep 1822 in Jungenbuschoff-Ermsdorf, LU d: 03 May 1882 in Schrondweiler, LU. +Catharine Sand b:15 Nov 1819 in Schrondweiler, LU m: 27 Feb 1854 in Nommern, LU d: 23 Sep 1875 in Schrondweiler, LU Father: Jean Sand Mother: Anne Marie Decker 3 Marie Steichen b: 14 Dec 1854 in Schrondweiler, LU d: 12 Jan 1855 in Schrondweiler, LU 3 Jean Steichen b: 11 Nov 1855 in Schrondweiler, LU 3 Susanne Steichen b: 01 Nov 1857 in Schrondweiler, LU +Pierre Staudt b: 11 Aug 1855 in Obermertzig, LU m: 04 Apr 1883 in Nommern, LU. Father: Michel Staudt Mother: Catharine Wiltges 4 Anne Staudt b: 17 Jun 1885 in Schrondweiler, LU 3 Jean Steichen b: 23 Jan 1860 in Schrondweiler, LU 3 Jean Pierre Steichen b: 24 Sep 1862 in Schrondweiler, LU 3 Anne Steichen b: 19 Oct 1866 in Schrondweiler, LU SOURCE: Doug Pedersen E-mail address: peder@ix.netcom.com Found the above Steichen family in the Nommern records.

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FHC microfilm #1792406 found the following Steichen in the tables for Luxembourg City.

          1.   Steich Robert married Elisabeth Winckel 22 Oct 1814
          2.   Steichen Anne Florentine birth 4 June 1828
          3.   Steichen Jean Baptiste death 29 Aug 1832
          4.   Steichen Catherine death 7 May 1833
          5.   Steichen Joseph Louis birth 27 Mar 1845
          6.   Steichen Pierre birth 1 Mar 1851
          7.   Steichen Catherine married Andre Bourmer on 22 Nov 1849
          8.   Steichen Anne Floretine married Jean Pierre Joseph Reuter on 7 Jun 1852
          9.   Steichen Susanne death 20 Feb 1858.

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