During my research of the HOLDREN surname I have found other HOLDRENs / HALDRONs that I have not been able to connect to any known family line. The below information is for reference only. It needs to be rechecked / verified.

   William HOLDRON,the ancestor of the HOLDRUM Family of Bergen County, New Jersey; and Rockland County, New York, was an Englisman and those of his descendants who removed to the Tappan and Kakiat Patents, joined a minority of that nationality at a time when most of the settlers there were of Dutch background. He settled at Harlem, New York, by 1685, but due to a brief lifetime and career, the record of activities in that community comprises his entire history. It is possible that he came from New England, directly from Old England, or from an emigrant english family living in Holland. That he was already married with a family on his arrival at Harlem, is also probable.

   William HALDRON was a blacksmith by trade and operated a shop by his home on the lot (erf), he acquired by 1685, He was not an erf owner In a list made February 19, 1677, nor on a later list of February 14, 1682. By December 3, 1685, however, as the owner of one lot, he was assessed a tax of 1 florin, 17 1/2 stivers, toward the parish clerk's salary. When the new patent for Harlem was executed on March 7, 1686, his name appeared among the patentees, as a freeholder possessed of his lot of land. In the same year, when the new church was being built at harlem, he made 139 pounds of iron work in his shop for use in the building and for which he was paid at the rate of 1 guilder, 10 stivers a pound. He died on or about December 7, 1687, on which date a coroner's inquest was held petaining to his death by drowning in the river. His wife Elizabeth (family name unknown), only survived him by a couple of years and died the first part of 1690. Because of an indebtedness, the town records for Harlem show "tha t the property found in the house where Wiliam HALDRON'S widow died, according to the inventory, and also the smithshop, shall be given over to the deaconry of New Harlem and to Johannes VERMILYE." On June 1, 1693, Zacharias SICLES, a blacksmith from Albany, rented the house, shop, tools and garden from the deacons and on April 18, 1694, was given a lease for three years. A release was executed on April 17, 1695 by Henry HALDRON, son of William, decessed, (next line is unreadable) with authority to sell and dispose of all the goods of his father. Jan KIERSEN later purchased the property. Because of the debt on the estate, nothing was left for the heirs to inherit.

   Contemporary with William HALDRON of Harlem, but of unknown relationship if any, was Dennis HOLDRON of Flushing who was separated from a wife named Nora in 1665, married again by New York License of July 28, 1669, Sara WILKINS. When he died in 1702, his Will dated September 10th of that year made no mention of a wife, but left 20 pounds ot a grandaughter, Elizabeth BISHOP, and named a son William who was living out of the province. In the 18th Century, the name is found HALDREN, HALDREN, HALLDRON, HOLDREN & HOALDREN (some of a phonetic turn), in the records for Burlington, Hunterdon and Middlesex Counties, New Jersey. A Hendrick HALDRON and Annatje DECKER, his wife, had children baptized 1738 and 1743 at Mahackemack (Port Jervis), in Orange County, New York. Some of their descendants are probably the families later found in Sussex County, New Jersey, of which Henry HOLDREN (1754-1854, Revolutionary War soldier, was a member. The possibility of descen t form William HALDRON of Harlem has not been undertaken.

Children (Elizabeth ___________ )

      +2. Henry

      +3. Hannah

      +4. John


2. Henry. He signed the release on April 17, 1696 as the eldest son and heir of his father's property, which places his birth prior to 1675. No later information has been discovered for him. Due to the fact that neither his sister nor brother had a child named for him, it is assumed that he died umarried.

3. Hannah. her name is also found Annetje, Joahanna and Anna. She apparently remained a resident fo Harlem after the death of her parents and through the period of her first marriage. She married 1st June 28, 1705 at New York, John ELLIN (ALLEN), from Milford. Probably the son of John ALLEN, Senior. They were admitted Freemen in New York on May 27, 1702, Senior being a Sawyer and junior a Feltmaker. She married 2nd September 4, 1720 at New York Thomas COX, widower, from Boston, Massachusetts. He may have been the Thomas COX, Butcher, admitted a Freeman on August, 1710/11 in New York.

Children (ALLEN)

Jan bp. March 30, 1709 at NY. married Marytje ACKERMAN
   a. Elizabeth bp. September 16, 1711 at NY.
   b. Maria bp. November 11, 1713 at NY.
   c. Mattheus bp. March 13, 1717 at NY.

Child from the marriage with COX.    a. Benjamin bp. November 15, 1721 at NY.

4. John was living at Harlem when he married May 18, 1707 at NY. Cornelia van TIENHOVEN bp. October 9, 1678 at NY. daughter of Lucas van TIENHOVEN and Tryntie BORDING. She was the widow of Andries HOLST to who she had been married September 13, 1695, and was the mother of three daughters, all born at NY.
   a. Catharina bp. August 5, 1696;
   b. Rachel bp. Jul 24, 1698 who married Andries BARHEYT
   c. Johanna bp. August 18, 1700 who married Andries MEYER

(lot 6). Lucas van TIENHOVEN, A doctor-surgeon, was the first white man to own the land comprising the kakiat patent and is acconted for in the Background History. Though his mother, Rachel CUVILYE, he inherited considerable land between Wall Street and Maiden__ne in NY. which was devised by his Will, dated April 15, 1706, and proved April 30, 1714 at NY. He devised to daughter Cornelia a lot 24 feet wife on the east side of William Street.

Information below from John Andrew SASS

   Below you will find a nunber of Items that maybe of interest to you. I tried to group them according to various branches of the HOLDREN family. A number of items, especially those from Ohio were sent to me by Mary COURTEMANCHE. Peggy RITTER, Lynn HAULDREN and Robert YOUNG.

Group 1 - Oldest Records pertaining to the HOLDREN family.

1. Harlem (City of New York), It's Origin and Early Annals, by James Riker mentions William HALDRON nad his Wife, Elizabeth. My Henry HOLDREN is believed to be a descendant of their son, Henry HALDRON, even though the source indicated that he "may" have died unmarried.

2. The Kakiat patent In Bergen County, NJ. by Howard I. DURIE, goes further by indicating my Henry HOLDREN, the Revolutionary War soldier. Hendrick HALDRON and Anna (Annatje) DECKER are believed to be his parents. I did not copy the entire section because this was the resorce that you claimed you already had.

3. American Genealogical-Biographical Index, includes a number of HOLDRENS. I enclosed copy of most of this information that they seem to mention.

4. The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, is a resource that I use quite often as a primary source of information. Very few entries were made in reference to the HOLDREN'S of western NJ. Most of the entries refer to the HOLDRUMS of Bergen County. NJ. Anna HALDRON, daughter of William and Elizabeth HALDRON of Harlem, was one of the first records i researched.

5. The War With Great Britian (1812-1815) indicates that there was a Moses HOLDREN from NJ. The HOLDREN Genealogy also makes a reference to this person. No other notations were made in the HOLDREN Genealogy about the HALDRON, HOLDREN or HOLDRUM families.

6. In the New Jersey Business Directory (1850-1851) indicates an A. HOLDRON living in German Valley, Morris County, NJ. now called Long Valley, NJ. I don't Know who this can be since there is no listing of him or his family in the 1850 census index.

Other Genealogies Containing HOLDRENS

1. The DECKER Genealogy, by Benton Weaver DECKER, indicates my Henry's parents, Annatje DECKER and Hendirck HALDRIN.

2. The PARR Family, by Helen PARR-FLEMING, indicates some of the descendants of Joseph HOLDREN and Grace COLEMAN of Washington County, Ohio.

3. The McCLINTOCK Family, by A. Louise McCLINTOCK-SHELTON, indicates some of the descendants of William HOLDREN and Hanna COE of Bucks County PA.

Group 3 - Some Printed State, County and Local Records Containing HOLDREN in NJ. and PA.

1. New Jersey colonial Records, indicates that a Matthais HOLDREN was living in New Brunswick, Somerset County,, NJ. in 1753. The will of Benjamin HOLDREN from Alexandria Hunterdon Country, NJ. dated December 28, 1842 is also included.

2. New Jersey Tax List for 1722-1822, by Ronald Vern Jackson, indicates a number of HALDRENS (Benjamin, Daniel, John, Thomas, Richard?) living in NJ. in the 1780's

3. The First US census indicates a Daniel HOLDREN living with his wife and daughter in Northumberland County, PA in 1790. Anna (DECKER) HOLDREN, Henry's mother is living in Orange County, New York.

4. Hunterdon County, New Jersey Taxpayers (1778-1797), indicates Joseph and Benajah (Benjamin?) HOLDREN living in Kingwood, NJ.

5. Some Records of Old Hunterdon County (1701-1838) by Phyllis B. D'AUTRECHY indicates Henry HOLDREN and Anna HOLDREN. They all appear to be living in the same area.

6. Notices From New Jersey Newspapers (1701-1790)by Thomas B. WILSON (mostly from Hunterdon and Mercer Counties, NJ) indicate the doings of Benjamin HOLDREN.

7. Marriage Records of Hunterdon County, NJ. (1795-1875) by Hiram E. DEATS, indicate a number of HOLDREN / HOLDRON'S

8. Sussex County Marriage (1795-1853) indicate several HOLDREN'S, HOLDREN'S, HOLDRIN'S and HOLDRUM'S

9. Notes pertaining to the Bucks County and Northumberland County, PA. were discovered in the vertical file at the Bucks County Historical Society in Doylestown, PA. Loucille GAMBILL of Albany, Ohio, who wrote to the society in 1983, was looking for information about Joseph HOLDREN and Grace COLEMAN.

10. Bucks County Tax Records (1693-1778), by Terry A. McNEALY and Frances Wise WAITE, indicates that a Benjamin HALDRON was living in Nockamixon Township in 1778. The Tax list of Bucks County of 1779 also mentions him. I believe that this is the same Benjamin HOLDREN who married Elizabeth PURSELL, daughter of John PURSELL of Nockamixon. He appears as Benjamin HOLDEN (not HOLDREN) in the History of Bucks County, PA. by William W.H. DAVIS.

11. Benjamin HOLDREN is still living in Bucks County in 1787 as indicated in the Pennsylvania Gazette.

12. Marriages and Deaths of Northampton County (1885-1902) by Jane S. MOYER contains several HOLDREN'S. John HOLDREN (1822-1898) is the son of Benjamin HOLDREN and Mary SINCLAIR. daughter of John and Jemina SINCLAIR.

Some HOLDREN Brick Walls:

Please note: Additional discussion of the following "brickwalls" appears on the Other Holdren Researchers page!

      Who were Frances Claude HOLDREN's parents? He and his wife, Mildred Jeanne BLAIR, had at least one daughter, Ruth Ann HOLDREN.

   How does the line of William HOLDREN, Sr., connect to that of the other HOLDREN / HALDRON lines? We've made some assumptions, and would love to connect with other genealogists researching this line.

   Who were Harry Madison HOLDREN's parents? From which HOLDREN line did he descend? He was married in Palestine, TX, but we don't know where he was born or where he died.

   How do all of the various HOLDREN / HALDRON lines tie together? Is it probably safe to assume that all of the HOLDRENs in this country descend from the gentleman who served as the village blacksmith in early-day Harlem, New Amsterdam?

SOURCE: Skip WIEST E-MAIL ADDRESS: dwiest@mindspring.com

Other HOLDREN researchers:

Mary BRAYDIC - I am looking for the HOLDREN line that originated in Bedford County, VA, and went to Breckinridge and Hardin Counties in KY. Some moved on to Daviess County, IN (my line). Especially interested in information on Matilda HOLDREN, who married George Washington ARMES.

Kathy BURTON-MILAM - looking for the parents of Frances Claude HOLDREN. Frances Claude married Mildred Jeanne BLAIR. They had at least one daughter, Ruth Ann HOLDREN. Mildred Jeanne BLAIR is a descendant of Joseph WHEAT, and that's where my connection to the HOLDREN family is. I don't have any dates on Frances or Mildred HOLDREN; however, I do know that Joseph Fletcher WHEAT, who was b. in 1842 and m. in 1887 (Mildred's grandmother was Anna Ruth WHEAT-DEWITT, and her mother was Hazel CAMDEN-BLAIR)

Tracee EVANS - looking for information as to when my gg-grandparents, Mathias HOLDREN and Louvina LEACH, went to IA. I would also like information on the HOLDREN line in IA. Mathias HOLDREN was the son of Mathias HOLDREN and Mary RACER. Mathias (Jr.) and Louvina were married 22 March 1838 in Athens Co., OH, but my g-grandfather, William Wallace HOLDREN, was born in Cumberland, IA. William Wallace HOLDREN married Martha Jane BRANDT in Eaton, IN. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Louise HASSELL - researching my great-grandmother, Sarah Ellen HOLDREN (1852-1897), daughter of John HOLDREN (1820-1887) and Mahala WINLAND (1823-1866). Sarah Ellen married Warner Washington DOTSON (1852-1945). John HOLDREN was the son of William HOLDREN, Sr. (1791-1871) and Hannah COE (1790-1872). John was the only one of his brothers to remain in Ohio when the rest of the family (including his parents) moved to Kansas in the 1850's (although John's younger brother, Samuel S. HOLDREN, later returned to Ohio). I have some of the genealogy after that which goes back to the HALDRON name in New York, but I have much less surety as to its accuracy and would love to correspond with others researching this line.

Barbara HOLDREN - researching my father's lineage, which is as follows - my father: William Raymond HOLDREN, b. 1926, Guernsey Co., OH; His father: Wert Ward HOLDREN, b. 1898 in Jackson Co., OH (wife was Florence Harriet BONOM); his father: William H. HOLDREN, b. 24 November 1865, unknown place, although may have tracked him to Athens Co., OH. He died 1943 Guernsey Co., OH (wife was Catherine "Cassie" WARD); his father: Eli HOLDREN (wife was Elizabeth STILLWELL). No info on either Eli or Elizabeth; Eli's father may have been William HOLDREN of Athens Co., OH.

Doral HOLDREN - researching the ancestry of my husband's grandfather, Harry Madison HOLDREN. He was born 9 June 1875, place unknown, and married to Missouri Bell LAST on 24 May 1902, in Palestine, TX. Harry's date and place of death are also unknown to me. I'm interested in finding out whatever we can about Harry and his ancestry - should you find any connecting information, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

Betty Thornton JONES - Betty is looking for her long-lost best friend, Betty HOLDREN, who would have been born around 1946-7, and graduated with her in 1965 from West Technical High School in Cleveland, OH. Shortly after, she married Jeff WALKER (?). Betty hasn't seen the other Betty since she got married, and would love to find her. Although this isn't a purely genealogical posting, I'm adding it to our list of researchers anyway.....Good luck, Betty!

John SASS - John is specifically researching Henry HOLDREN, a Revolutionary War veteran, who lived in NJ and PA, and how the HOLDREN family is related to the BRUEN family of NJ. He is also researching all other Holdren families, trying to connect them all (and has a wealth of HOLDREN data in his files - probably the single largest compilation of HOLDREN information that I have ever seen!). John Sass E-MAIL ADDRESS: JAJS918@aol.com

The following information is the assumption of John SASS

John is still in the process of researching the HOLDREN family and trying to connect as many of the family lines as possible.

John speculates that William HALDRON - of Harlem, New York who died December 7, 1687 and the father of Henry HALDRON is also the grandfather of Henry HALDRON of Deer Park, Orange, New York born 1712 and Matthias HOLDREN of New Brunswick, Somerset, NJ.

Another speculation for John is that the above mentioned Matthias HOLDREN of New Brunswick is the father of:

   a. Joseph HOLDREN born 1757
   b. Benjamin HOLDREN died 1842 at Alexandria, Hunterdon Co. NJ. married to Elizabeth PURCELL?

Further speculation is that the above mentioned Benjamin HOLDREN from Alexandria, NJ. is the father of:    a. Matthias HOLDREN born 1781 or 1782, married 27 Dec 1807 to Ruth HAWK at Easton, Northampton County, PA.

2. Adron (Aid) HOLDREN born 1785 in NJ. died Whitehall, Montour Co. PA. married Abigail DeMott NOTE: he moved out to western PA around 1812, the same time as William did. (my line, refer to the Holdren section of this web page).

3. Samuel HOLDREN born in mid to late 1770's married Margaret who was 70 years old on the 1850 census. (not sure that Samuel is his first name.

4. Dennis HOLDREN born late 1770's to early 1780's

5. William HOLDREN born 12 Aug 1791 in Bucks Co., PA. died in Spring Hill, Jackson Co., KS. (NOTE) he moved out to western PA. and then onto Virginia around 1812, the same time Adron did.

Judy WEISENHAUER - researching John HOLDREN of OH.

I have a few more pages to add here at a later date

I welcome you to inquire, correct, and submit data that can help in recording the family history.

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