My eldest STEICHEN ancestor is Gaspar STEICHEN of Hettange, France. Gaspar (aka) Caspar lived in Hettange around 1585? Hettange is near Thionville, France. Gaspar STEICHEN has 2 known children: Geoge STEICHEN of Haute-Rentgen, France (old Luxembourg), and Nicolas STEICHEN of Schifflange, Luxembourg SOURCE: Christophe Alisse from Daniel & Richard Li (France. September 2002).

George STEICHEN was named land magistrate for the District lords in Haute-Rentgen. This information comes from a deed dated 03 Sept 1631, copied in the (...) general regrouping of lands of Haute-Rentgen (4E469). Information from Richard Li of Narbonne in France (27 Sep 2002).

Nicolas STEICHEN (aka) STEYCHEN was born ca. 1590 at Haute, Rentgen, France, he resided in Schifflange, Luxembourg. His son Joannes was born at Schifflange in 1620, in later years Joannes was Mayor of Schifflange. (for more information on Joannes STEICHEN descendants click on link below)

Joseph STEICHEN compiled the first known family history of the STEICHEN family. Joseph was born 1887 at Blenkenhouse in Hagen, Luxembourg. In this family history Joseph wrote in French, that the above Joannes STEYCHEN landowner, Mayor, is married and living in his mothers's house and after his mother's death, the estate will be divided into six or seven plowings (seasons) following 12 days to the crown. 8 wagons of hay, 5 horses, 4 cows. (from the census following the fires of 1656 sheet 59)

Translated from French to English by Dorothy AMICK a student of French at Longmont, Colo. in January 1983 for Felix Theodore STEICHEN

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In Richard John Stichen's book "the Steichen family 2nd edition July 1990". it reads Joannes STEYCHEN, citizen of the first rank, was married in the house of his mother. After her death the following goods were divided: 6 or 7 oxen, 12 days of land, 8 wagons of hay, 5 horses, 4 cows. (NOTE) that marriage in the house of parents' was the right of the 1st born. There must have been other chldren, since goods were divided. A Hubert STEYCHEN is mentioned - in Ober-Rentgen, duchy of Rodenmacher. Other children and father may have died in the war or plague. Joannes' marriage may have been delayed until after the 30 year war (1618-1648) he was probably in his late 20s. He must have been born about 1619-1620. His father was already married by 1611. The STEYCHENS in Schifflange preceed the STEYCHENS in Ober-Rentgen.

The Luxembourg Soldiers of France- No 467 of the commission *STEICHEN Francois, born in Bivange, enlisted into the infantry of the 4th fleet regiment of Napoleon's Army and took part in the 1808 occupation of Portugal. During that occupation General Laborge was ordered to intercept the English with a battalion of 3,000 men. August 17th they met 15,000 English soldiers near Rolica and overpowered them during 8 hours of continuous battle. During that battle STEICHEN was wounded on his left shoulder by a Bayonette and suffered head injuries from a Sabre. He was taken prisoner by the English, who put him into the Galleys in Portsmouth, he was freed in 1812, after 3 years and 4 months. STEICHEN spent the rest of his days at his home in Bivange, Luxembourg.

The above Francois STEICHEN is the great great great grandson of the above Nicolas STEICHEN. The home he lived in, is the same home that the famous Photographer Eduard / Edward Jean STEICHEN was born in on 27 Mar 1879. The connection between Eduard STEICHEN and the known STEICHEN family lines is now known, thanks to Louis F. STEICHEN of Luxembourg (Nov 1998) Louis wrote that Edward's grandmother Elisabeth STEICHEN is the daughter of Dominique STEICHEN and Marie BIVER of Monnerich/Mondercange. Edward STEICHEN is the grandson of Pierre STEICHEN and Elizabeth EHLERINGER. Dominique and Pierre STEICHEN are brothers, their parents are Jacque STEICHEN and Marie ARENSDORF.

Eduard STEICHEN father's line is as follows, starting with the eldest ancestor and listing them in descending order:

Petri STEICHEN born abt 1743 married Joanneta BIVER she died 9 Feb 1781 at Monnerich. Petri and Joannetta have 4 known children all born Monnerich. Their 1st child Jacque was born 1756. He married Marie ARENSDORF on 28 Apr 1790 at Monnerich.

The parents of Petri STEICHEN born abt 1743 are Etienne (Stephan) and Agness KAUFFMANN. Etiene STEICHEN was Born at Strassen in the house called Klengeschahlen (Kleiners Althen) about 1710, he married Agnes KAUFMANN from Monnerich on 14 Jan 1735 in Monnerich. Etienne / Stephan is the son of Petrus /Petri STEICHEN & Marie Catherine KLEINERS. Etienne and Agnes have 3 known children, Pierre born 1741, Catherine born 1746, and Joanne born 1754. SOURCE: Doug PEDERSEN via Louis STEICHEN (Nov 1998)

Jacque STEICHEN born 1756 and Marie ARENSDORF have 6 known children all born Monnerich. Their 1st born son Pierre born 14 Feb 1790 married Elisabeth EHLERINGER on 8 May 1816 at Monnerich.

Pierre STEICHEN born 14 Feb 1790 and Elisabeth EHLERINGER have 11 children all born Monnerich. Pierre & Elisabeth's 8th child is Jean Pierre STEICHEN born 12 Jan 1830. He married Elizabeth STEICHEN, she was born 19 Sep 1829 at Monnerich, she is the daughter of Dominique STEICHEN and Marie BIVER

Jean Pierre STEICHEN born 12 Jan 1830 and Elisabeth STEICHEN(mentioned above) have 5 known children. The 3rd child Jean Pierre STEICHEN was born 27 Dec 1854 at Niederpallen, Redange, Luxembourg. He married Marie KEMP on 26 Feb 1878 at Monnerich.

Jean Pierre STEICHEN born 27 Dec 1854 and Marie KEMP have 2 Known children. Eduard Jean STEICHEN born 27 Mar 1879 is their 1st child. Eduard married Clara E. SMITH ON 3 Oct 1903 in Europe. Eduard and Clara have 2 children. Mary and Charlotte

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