My eldest HOLDREN ancestor is Matthias HOLDREN of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., New Jersey. Matthias was born about 1731. His parents are unknown, but they could be Hendrick "Henry" Holdren and Hannah of Sussex Co., New Jersey or Dennis Holdren and Sara Watkins of Flushing, Queens, New York (there is no proof of either of these couples being his parents). .

Adren HOLDREN son of Benjamin, grandson of the above Matthias HOLDREN was a native of New Jersey, born there in 1785, he came to Whitehall, Pennsylvania and farmed there the rest of his life, dying at the age of eighty four. He has been referred to as Aid Edward or Adron. He was married to Abigail DeMOTT on 16 May 1813. She was born 22 Sep 1794 at Columbia, Pennsylvania. She died at White Hall, Montour Co. Pennsylvania in Oct 1868. Aid died 11 Nov 1868 at White Hall, Montour Co., Pennsylvania. Aid and Abigail have 11 known children all born in Pennsylvania.

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The White Hall Baptist Church was erected in 1858 at a cost of $1,500. To most active parties in raising the money for the church were William McBRIDE, Effle DERR, and A. HOLDREN, but they were liberally aided by all the residents in that vicinity. Andrew F. SHANAFELT was the first preacher. He made his residence in the vicinity. He removed from here to Old Chester where he died. The first officers of the church were William McBRIDE and George W. SUPLEE deacon, and Aid HOLDREN?, William McBRIDE trustees.

SOURCE: 1887 history of Mountour County, Pennsylvania edited by J.N. BATTLE.

ALIAS: Edward / Adron. His Will had the given name of Aid, as did his tombstone. The 1860 census had the given name Edward, Anthony Twp. The 1850 census had the given name Aid, Anthony Twp. The 1840 census had Aid, Derry Twp

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