Notes for Peter HOLST

SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Genealogical Society of UT. Mrs. C.M. Mueller 818 5th
Ave Salt Lake City, UT.(Emigration). Submitted by Christina Magdalena Mahrt
2nd great grand daughter. Information was obtained by correspondence with
Parish Register of Haddeby, Schleswig, Holstein, Germany. (abt 1950)

The Holst surname according to the Dictionary of Surnames by Patrick Hanks and Flavia Hodges, Oxford University Press (1988) Oxford, New York.

Holst Low German, Dutch, and Danish: topographic name for someone who occupied a patch of woodland, from a reduced form of MLG holtsate, a cpd of holt wood (see Holt) + sate tenant (from sitten to sit). The province of Holstein, long disputed between Germany and Denmark, gets its name from the dat. pl. holsten of this word (originally used after a preposition); the final syllable has been erroneously alterted, on the assumption that it is Low German. sten stone, which in High German has the form Stein. var.: Holste.


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