descendants of Jean DUPREL & Catherine WEYLER

descendants of Jean DUPREL & Catherine WEYLER

1. Jean du PREL #1 born abt 1747, Catharina WEYLER #2, born Septfontaines, Capellen, Luxembourg., (daughter of Mathias WEYLER #3213 and Margaretha MAMER #3214) died 7 Feb 1805, Septfontaines, Capellen, Luxembourg. LDS FILM #0424512

The information about Jean du Prel (aka) DUPREL came from his childrens marriage records. On his daughter's marriage record it reads that Jean Duprel was deceased by the time she married Nicolas Gloesener in Folschette, Luxembourg. This marriage record reads that Jean DUPREL & Catherine WEYLER are from Septfontaines, Luxembourg.

Catharina: GODFATHER: Michael Schonnen from Septfontaines GODMOTHER: Catharina Klop from Septfontaines LDS FILM #0425112 Septfontaines (Baptismal) ALIAS: Fritges, Fridges, Weiler BAPTIZED: Wednesday DIED: Sunday.

Catharina WEYLER was baptized in Septfontaines Luxembourg, she was born in the house called Fridges. In 1751 according to the book Haus uno familienchronik Simmern, she was living at the house called Keinschen it is located at 3, rue du Chateau Nr. 84 Septfontaines Luxembourg. So far I have not found the marriage record. I have found the records for two of her children that were both born in Septfontaines.

Catharina and her father Mathias were both born in the house called Fridges sometimes written Fritges. House names is a custom that took place in Luxembourg before the year 1780, it was to designate individuals not by their family name, but by the traditional name of the house they were born in. (example) if you look at Joannes WEYLER baptismal record you will see that his name is listed as Joannes Baptista FRIDGES. But his mother name is listed as Catharina WEYLER seu FRIDGES (seu means Whether ...or) and in this case FRIDGES is the house name.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey, Washington (1993)


+ 2. i Jean Baptiste DUPREL #3 baptized 1 Jun 1767.

+ 3. ii Marie Jeanne DUPREL #3218 baptized 17 Dec 1767.

Second Generation

2. Jean Baptiste DUPREL #3 (1.Jean1) baptized 1 Jun 1767, Septfontaines, Capellen, Luxembourg., Occupation Day laborer / Shepherd, married 7 Apr 1795, in Septfontaines, Capellen, Luxembourg., Anna BLUM #4, born 1764, Hobscheid, Capellen, Luxembourg., (daughter of Mathias BLUM #6 and Margaretha SCHMIT #7) died 21 May 1840, Greisch, Capellen, Luxembourg., Buried: Greisch, Capellen, Luxembourg. Jean died 27 Feb 1836, Greisch, Capellen, Luxembourg., Buried: Greisch, Capellen Luxmebourg. BAPTIZED: Monday MARRIED: Tuesday DIED: Saturday. Age from Baptismal to death 68 years 8 months 26 days. RECORDS: Baptismal, Marriage, Death. GODFATHER: Joannes Weyler vel Fridtges from Septfontaines GODMOTHER: Anna Margareta Defran from Septfontaines LDS FILM #0425112 Septfontaines (baptismal & marriage) ALIAS: Joannes Baptista Fridges, Johann Weiler

Jean was a day laborer in Septfontaines Luxembourg. In his later years he was a shepheard (a hearder of animals) The first record I have for Jean / Joannes / Johann DUPREL, that a name other than FRIDGES or WEYLER was used is on his marriage record. There you will see where the priest wrote the last name as DYPERE. But if you look at the signature on the second page you will see where Jean signed it as Johann du Prel. The date of that record is 1795 & it is in the town of Siebenborn, Septfontaines in French Most Parish records in Luxembourg started in the 1650's and continued through the year 1795 these records were usually written in Latin. The Civil Registration started in the year 1796, those records are available to the year 1880 and were usually written in French and German. The documents on WEILER, FRIDGES and DUPREL in this book have been copied from those Parish and Civil records.

I did not find any records where Jean WEILER alias DUPREL used the name DUPREL until after 1795. The first clear record that I have found that he used DUPREL on is his sons Dominique birth certificate (1802) The name DUPREL has been spelled and written many different ways on both the Civil and Parish records in Luxembourg. Below is some examples.

Dupre', Dupper, Duprez, Dupres, Dupre'l, Duprex, Duprell, Duprese, Duppre', Duprelle, du Prel, D'uprel, Duperelle, Dypere, DuPrel

Anna and Jean lived in the shadow of the castle in the village of Septfontaines according to the records. They later moved into the School house also called the Shepherds house in Greisch. It is not known what year they moved from Septfontaines to Greisch, but it is known that their son Dominique died there in 1828. Greisch is a commune of Septfontaines and is only a couple of miles from there. Septfontaines is a town surrounded by hills, the church there is were people from all over the canton (district) come to get married. Especially in the 1700 and 1800's. Septfontaines got its name, from the seven fountaines / springs, that are located there. Septfontaines lies in the middle of the extensive woods of the Eisch Valley, it is dominated by a Medieval Castle.

At the time of Nicolas DUPREL wedding (1830) it was written that his father Jean DUPREL, was a cowhearder (Hirt) Jean was 67 years old at that time. Both Jean DUPREL and Anna BLUM died in Greisch Luxembourg and are buried there. Their son Nicolas filled out the papers for both of their death records. Jean DUPREL died in the house called School (1836). I do not know why Jean WEYLER alias Jean DUPREL waited till until the early 1800's to use the DUPREL surname. It should be mentioned here that Jean DUPREL and some of his descendants used the last name of DUPRE' for several years. Even on Jean's death certificate (1836) his last name was written as DUPRE'. His daughters Catharina was married in 1841 using the last name of DUPRE'. And at the time of her death in 1875 was still know as DUPRE'. Catharina older brother Nicolas last name was written as DUPRE' on her marriage certificate as was her deceased father Jean DUPREL. But her brother Nicolas signed the certificate N: DUPREL not DUPRE'. Nicolas DUPRE L son of Jean used the last name of DUPRE' for many years one of Nicolas sons Michel was born in 1834, his last name was written as DUPRE'. Nicolas's other son Jacque, was born in 1839 just four years later, and his name was written as DUPREL. Jean's daughter Marie DUPREL was married in 1839 that marriage certificate shows her last name as DUPREL, But when her children were born her last name was written DUPRELLE and DUPERELLE. Below is a list of different surnames that Jean DUPREL used on various records from 1767 to his death in 1836. I have found even tho the clerks wrote these different names, Jean used the WEYLER surname from his birth till the early 1800's when he started using the surname DUPREL


Joannes Fridges His baptismal record 1767

Joannes Weyler baptismal record Maria Kiesser

Joannes Dypere His marriage record 1795

Johann Weiler Daughter Catharina birth record 1799

Johann Weiler Daughter Catharina death record 1800

Jean Duprel Sons birth certificate Dominique 1802

Jean Dupre'l Sons Dominique death certificate 1802

Jean Duprel Sons Nicolas birth record 1805

Jean Gepper Daughter Catharina birth record 1808

Jean Gepper Sons Dominique birth certificate 1811

Jean Duprez Sons Dominique death certificate 1828

Jean Duprel Sons Nicolas military record 1830

Jean Duprel Sons Nicolas marriage certificate 1830

Jean Weiler Sons Michael 1st marriage certificate 1833

Jean Weiler Sons Michael 2nd marriage certificate 1834

Jean Dupre' His death record 1836

Jean Duprel Daughter Marie marriage certificate 1839

Jean Dupre' Wife Anna Blum death certificate 1840

Jean Dupre' Daughter Catharina Marriage certificate 1841

In 1795 the conscription of men between the ages of 20 and 25 years of age were forced into the French army. The Luxembourgers called this the tax of blood. The conscription took 9,000 of the 14,000 young men available.

The Luxemburgers rebelled it was called (Kloppelkrieg) the war of the sticks the name itself is an inspiration. The French referred to l'armee des batons or la querre des paysans. But note: the Luxembourgers called it the army of Jesus Christ! Ardennes peasants, unorganized, with not much more than clubs and farm tools as weapons, presumed ot defy the mighty power of the French. Spontaneous uprisings led to attacks on village garrisons, to death, dispersal capture, trial, and execution. It was a national indignation that prompted the rebellion. It was national defeat that the inadequate little forces suffered. It was a national retribution that was exacted, a national rancor that burned in the endurance that sustained the population.

The French were taxing everything. These new taxes were inposed on anything that could be identified as taxable, even doors and windows. Salt, Leather, Tabacco, Sugar, Coffee were taxed at three to five times the old rate.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 963 A.D. to 1983 Written by James Newcomer

Jean DUPREL was 27 years old in 1795. It is not known if he had a part in this. I have included it here so you will know what it was like then. The French were in control till the year 1815. I had the military records checked in France to see if there was anything on Johann / Jean DUPREL. There wasn't I will have them checked again, this time for the surname WEYLER.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey, Washington (1993) Anna: DIED: Thursday, Age at death 76 years RECORDS: Marriage, Death

I have been unable to find Anna's birth nor her baptismal record. According to Anna's marriage record (1795) her parents were from Hobscheid Luxembourg. Hobscheid Luxembourg, it is about three miles form Septfontaines. Anna's father Mathias BLUM passed away in 1792 on his death record it reads that he was pauper (very poor). Her mother Margarithe SCHMIT died in the year 1807 both Mathias and Margarithe passed away in the commune of Hobschied.

On Anna sons marriage certificate (Nicolas 1830) there as a Nikolas BLUM he was a witness (I suspect he was a brother to Anna). On Anna daughters baptismal record (Catharina 1808) there was a Catharina BLIM who was a witness. (maybe a sister) Anna died in the house call School. this is according to her death record (1840). Anna's son Nicolas signed the certificate N: DUPRE'

Writen by Richard J. Duprel Lacey Washington (1993)


4. i Marie Anne DUPREL #2033 born 26 May 1797, Septfontianes, Luxembourg., married 15 Nov 1839, in Boevange, Luxembourg., Thilman FLAMMANG #2048, (son of Jacques FLAMMANG #3220 and Anne Elisabeth JUNDORFF #3221). Marie died 19 Jan 1874, Boevange, Luxembourg.

Marie was 42 when she married Thilman FLAMMANG, he had been married twice before. with his first wife Catherine they had 6 children. With his second wife Marie he had 5 children. Marie and Thilman were married eight months I have looked at the LDS films for Greisch & Septfontaines & have not found Marie's birth record. Her husband Thilman FLAMMANG last name is common in the area. I have looked in the Boevange Luxembourg area & could find no record of any children. Marie was born in Septfontaines, married and died in Boevange. I suspect that she was born under the name WEILER / WEYLER.

RESIDENCE Boevange Luxembourg 1839-1874. BORN: Mon MARRIED: Tues DIED: Mon. Age at death 76 years 9 months 23 days. RECORDS: Marriage, Death ALIAS: Weyler, Duprelle, Duperelle ALIAS: Duprelle, Duperelle Thilman: RECORDS: Marriage. RESIDENCE: Boevange Luxembourg. Thilman signature was on his wife death certificate.

5. ii Catherine DUPREL #3219 born 9 Dec 1799, Septfontaines, Luxembourg., died 8 Feb 1800, Septfontaines, Luxembourg. BORN: Monday DIED: Saturday, age at death 1 month 30 days. ALIAS: Weyler, Weiller. Catherine was born & died under the Weyler surname. RECORDS: Birth, Death.

6. iii Dominique DUPREL #1398 born 7 Aug 1802, Septfontaines, Luxembourg., died 8 Aug 1802, Septfontanies, Luxembourg. BORN: Saturday DIED: Sunday. Age at death 1 day. RECORDS: Birth, Death.

+ 7. iv Nicolas DUPREL #5 born 9 Jan 1805.

+ 8. v Catharina DUPREL #1637 born 19 Aug 1808.

9. vi Dominique DUPREL #1094 born 17 Jan 1811, Septfontaines, Luxembourg., Occupation Shepherd, died 31 Oct 1828, Greisch, Luxembourg. On Dominique death record there was a Dominique Noesen. He was a witness. Dominique Noesen was a neighbor to Dominique's Duprel father Johann Baptista Duprel. At the time of Dominique death he and his parents were living in the Shepherds quarters in Greisch, also called Schoolhouse.

RESIDENCE: Septfontaines and Greisch Luxembourg RECORDS: Birth, Death. ALIAS: Dupre' and Duprez BORN: Thursday DIED: Friday. Aage at death 17 years 9 months 14 days.

+ 10. vii Michel DUPREL #4853 born 20 Jan 1801.

3. Marie Jeanne DUPREL #3218 (1.Jean1) baptized 17 Dec 1767, Septfontaines, Luxembourg., married 18 Mar 1804, in Folschette, Luxembourg., Nicolas GLESENER #18666, born 1766, Folschette, Luxembourg., (son of Nicolas GLESENER #18667 and Elisabeth REIFT #18668) Occupation day laborer. Marie died 22 Jan 1806, Folschette, Luxembourg. Lds film #0425112 Septfontaines (baptismal) 1141882 Folschette (marriage) 1141884 Folschette (death) RECORDS: Baptismal,(Septfontaines), Marriage & Death (Folschette) ALIAS: Fridges / Weiler /Weyler GODFATHER: Petrus Zimmer from Septfontaines GODMOTHER: Maria Weyler seu Weissen from Septfontaines


11. i Elisabeth GLESENER #18669 born 18 Jan 1806, Folschette, Luxembourg., died 26 Jan 1806, Folschette, Luxembourg. Lds film #1141882 and 1141884 birth and death

Third Generation

7. Nicolas DUPREL #5 (2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 9 Jan 1805, Septfontaines, Capellen, Luxembourg., Occupation Weaver (Leineweber), married 17 Feb 1830, in Septfontaines, Capellen, Luxembourg., Susanna GRESSER #8, born 11 Nov 1802, Greisch, Capellen, Luxembourg., (daughter of Frederic GRESSER #167 and Elisabeth BEYSER #168) died 4 Nov 1880, Greisch, Capellen, Luxembourg. Nicolas died 27 Dec 1880, Greisch, Capellen, Luxembourg., Buried: Greisch, Capellen, Luxembourg., Military serv: Luxembourg Army, 1824 - 1830 ?.

When Nicolas was born it was the third of Nivose, the 14th year of the French Republic. His marriage record reads that he was born in Siebenborn, Luxembourg, Septfontaines in French. Siebenborn belonged to the canton of Arlon department of forest. Arlon became part of Belgium in 1839.

Nicolas was a Weaver (Tisseur-Leineweber). When Nicolas married he had to show a certificate stating that he had finished in all honors his obligation in the National Army of the Grand Duchy. (see certificate #589 dated 9 Feb 1830) On the side of the act of marriage certificate, the name was written DUPREX. This same certificate reads that neither the bride nor the bridegroom, nor three of the witnesses knew how to write, but it seems that Nicolas father Johann (Joannis) DUPREL and a Nicolas BLUM could write.

Nicolas and the record keepers wrote the surname according to the below list of documents. I have deduced that Nicolas did not write his name until around the time of his father-in-law, Frederic GRESSER death in 1838. On that that record you can see the first written signature that I have found.

1805 Duprell his birth record (clerk) father signed Duprel

1830 Duprex marriage certificate (clerk) father signed Duprel

1830 Duprel military certificate (clerk)

1830 Duprel marriage papers (clerk)

1830 Duprel daughter Maria birth certificate (clerk)

1832 Duprel son Jean (Johann) birth certificate (clerk)

1834 Dupre' son Michel birth certificate (clerk)

1836 Dupre' daughter Anne Marie birth certificate (clerk)

1836 Dupre' father Jean death certificate (clerk)

1838 Dupre' father-in-law death cert (clerk) Nicolas signed Dupre'

1838 Duprel witness marriage (clerk) Nicolas signed Dupre'

1839 Duprel son Jacque birth cert (clerk) Nicolas signed Dupre'

1840 Dupre' mother Anna Blum death cert Nicolas signed Dupre'

1841 Dupre' sister Catharina marriage certificate (clerk)

1841 Duprel sister Catharina marriage cert (Nicolas signed Duprel

1842 Duprel marriage rec clerk wrote Dupre' Nicolas signed Duprel

1843 Dupre' daughter Anna birth cert (Nicolas signed Duprel). 1845 Duprel brother Michel death cert (Nicolas signed Duprel)

1854 Duprel daughter Marie marriage cert (Nicolas signed Duprel)

1870 Duprell daughter Anne death cert (Nicolas signed Duprel)

1871 Duprel son Jacque marriage cert (clerk) Nicolas signed Duprel

Nicolas first name has been written Nicola and Nikolas, the house he lived in Greisch still stands, the family of Jean Pierre DUPREL lives there today. The buildings that Nicolas used for his Tisseur-Leineweber is accross the street from the orginal house, it's now used for a garage & storage

Nicolas parents are buried in Greisch, His name was on both of their death certificates. There are two remaining pieces of linen that he made. The Jean Pierre DUPREL family of Greisch has one in Luxembourg, and Richard John DUPREL of Lacey Washington has the other.

Greisch is a very small commune population under 200, it is a farming / dairy community. It has a church a dairy and about 40 buildings. There are several newer homes, one belonging to Francis DUPREL son of Jean Pierre DUPREL. Several of the buildings are over 200 years old. One of the oldest is the house of Nicolas Duprel and Susanne Gresser.

Nicolas lived his life in the Septfontaines / Greisch area. It is not known where he learned his trade of weaver. Possibly from his father-in-law Frederic GRESSER. Nicolas died in the house called Steffes in Greisch (1880) less than 2 months after the death of his wife Susanne.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey Washington (1993) Susanna: RESIDENCE: Greisch Luxembourg 1802 - 1880 RECORDS: Birth, Marriage, Death ALIAS: Grasser BORN: Thursday DIED: Thursday. Age at death 77 years 11 months 14 days

Susanna father Frederic GRESSER was from Greisch as was her grandfather, Joannes Petro GRESSER and grandmother Maria LANGERS. She was from a large family. She had 9 brothers and sisters many of them stayed in the Greisch area. Susanna mothers family BEYSER sometimes written BEISER. Was from the Septfontaines area I have researched that line to a Mathias BEYSER (1704). many of the records for Greisch and Septfontaines Luxembourg. Frederic was a Weaver Tisseur Leineweber same occupation as his son in law Nicolas DUPREL.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey, Washington (1993)


+ 12. i Marie DUPREL #1365 born 16 Dec 1830.

13. ii Jean DUPREL #1100 born 9 May 1832, Greisch, Luxembourg., Occupation Weaver (Leineweber), died 15 May 1874, Greisch, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth and Death BORN: Wednesday DIED: Friday. Age at death 42 years 6 days.

+ 14. iii Michel DUPREL #1096 born 2 Mar 1834.

15. iv Anne Marie DUPREL #1098 born 18 Apr 1836, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 9 Sep 1841, Luxemoburg. RECORDS: Birth BORN: Monday DIED: Thursday. Age at death 5 years 4 months 22 days

+ 16. v Jacque DUPREL #9 born 14 Jul 1839.

17. vi Anne Catherine DUPREL #1099 born 10 May 1843, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 5 Oct 1870, Greisch, Luxembourg. REOCRDS: Birth, Death. BORN: Wednesday DIED: Wednesday. Age at death 27 years 4 months 25 days.

8. Catharina DUPREL #1637 (2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 19 Aug 1808, Septfontaines, Luxembourg., married 2 Feb 1841, in Hollenfels, Luxembourg., Johann DIFFRANG #1933, born Ansembourg, Luxembourg., (son of Dominique DIFFRANG #1936 and Christine SIMON #1937) Occupation Gelder (Chatreur), died 4 Feb 1875, Hollenfels, Luxembourg. Catharina died 21 Apr 1886, Hollenfels, Luxembourg. ALIAS: Dupre, gepper, Duppre' RESIDENCE: Greisch and Hollenfels Luxembourg. BORN: Friday MARRIED: Tuesday RECORDS: Birth, Marriage. LDS Film #1140411, #140412, #140413, #1792164

Catharina was born in Septfontaines Luxembourg I suspect that she was named for her grandmother Catharina WEYLER / WEILER. the index in the record book has Catharina last name spelled as GEPPER. On her birth record the clerk had corrected this mistake to DUPPRE.

Catharina did not get married to Johann DIFFRANG until she was 33 years old (1841) on her wedding certificate her last name was written DUPRE' her brother Nicoas DUPREL (1805) was the bestman / acting father at her wedding. Her father Jean DUPREL had passed away in 1836, and her mother in 1840. The clerk wrote her brothers last name as DUPRE' but Nicolas signed his name N: DUPREL. Catharina was married in Hollenfels which is approx 5 miles from Greisch. Below is a list of the way her last name was spelled in the records books.

Gepper her birth record index 1808

Duppre her birth reocrd 1808

Duprel her baptismal record 1808

Dupre' her wedding certificate 1841

Dupre'l her son Theapile birth certificate 1842

Duprel her son Dominique birth certificate 1844

Dupre' her husband death certificate 1875

Duprel her death record 1886

Duprel her sons Dominique death record 1889

Catharina husband Johann DIFFRANG father, was Dominique, his mother was Christine SIMON they were both from Hollenfels Luxembourg.

I looked at the records for Hollenfels they are listed under the town of Tuntange. They are only advilabe to the year 1880. According to those records Catharina was not listed in the death records or the index, so she more than likely passed away after 1880.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Hinesville, Georgia (1988) Johann: RECORDS: Marriage papers, Marriage certificate, Death. RESIDENCE: Hollenfels Luxembourg.


18. i Theapile DIFFRANG #1935 born 1842, Hollenfels, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth.

19. ii Dominique DIFFRANG #1934 born 14 Dec 1844, Hollenfels, Luxembourg., died 16 Oct 1889, Hollenfels, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth. BORN: Tuesday LDS FILM #1792164 Tuntange, Luxembourg

10. Michel DUPREL #4853 (2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 20 Jan 1801, Septfontaines, Luxembourg., Occupation Day Laborer/Leineweber, married (1) 8 Feb 1833, in Septfontaines, Luxembourg., Elisabeth THIRY #4854, born 1798, Tintgen, Luxembourg., (daughter of Dominique THIRY #4856 and Barbe NILLES #4857) died 5 Dec 1833, Greisch, Luxembourg., married (2) 7 May 1834, in Septfontaines, Luxembourg., Catherine NEUMERTZ #4860, born Bissen, Luxembourg., (daughter of Nicolas NEUMERTZ #4858 and Catherine WAGNER #4859) died 23 Oct 1875, Greisch, Luxembourg. Michel died 29 Jan 1845, Septfontaines, Luxembourg. It is not known why Michel used the surname of WEILER. He was known by the Weiler surname his entire life. His father Joannis Baptista DUPREL alias WEILER and the rest of the family had changed by 1802 to the DUPREL surname. Michel sister Catherine was also born with the WEILER surname. In 1832 Mich el was living in Greisch and was known as Michel WEILER.

During the early 1800's the population of Greisch was small. Michel died in 1845, on his death record his name was listed as Michel WEILER. His brother Nicolas DUPREL gave the information for this record, he signed it N: DUPREL. So here we have 2 brothers one using the surname WEILER the other DUPREL. It is known from the records that Michel's father was born Joannis Baptista WEYLER in the house called Fridges. Joannis was illegtimate and used his mothers surname of WEYLER.

RECORDS: Marriage 1 & 2, Death. Elisabeth: RECORDS: Marriage, Death. Catherine: RECORDS: Marriage Catherine was from Bissen Luxmebourg as were her parents. ALIAS: Neummers

Children by Elisabeth THIRY:

20. i Nicolas WEILER #4855 born 2 Dec 1833, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 2 Dec 1833, Greisch, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth and Death

Children by Catherine NEUMERTZ:

+ 21. ii Marie WEILER #4861 born 20 Sep 1835.

22. iii Catherine WEILER #4862 born 22 Jul 1837, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 9 Mar 1866, Greisch, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth and Death

23. iv Jean Nicolas WEILER #4863 born 10 Oct 1839, Greisch, Luxembourg., married abt 1866, in Nerscg, Mersch, Luxembourg., Marguerite WEIMERSKIRCH #5031, (daughter of Michel WEIMERSKIRCH #5032 and Marguerite SCHAAK #5033). Jean Military serv: Lux Army., 1863-1866. RECORDS: Birth MILITARY CERTIFICATE #201 LDS FILM #1169411 Mersch, Luxmebourg ALIAS: Weyler, Weiller. On the marriage record for Jean Nicolas Weiler and Marguerite Weimerskirch, Nicolas Duprel was a witness. Marguerite: Marguerite and her family were from Recange ?

Fourth Generation

12. Marie DUPREL #1365 (7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 16 Dec 1830, Greisch, Luxembourg., married 11 Jan 1854, in Kehlen, Luxembourg., Johann FLOENER #1965, born 20 Sep 1818, Kehlen, Luxembourg., (son of Nicolas FLOENER #1963 and Anne Margretha SPIES #1964) Occupation Roofer (Schieferderker), Military serv: Lux Army, 1837 - ?. Marie name has been spelled Duprel, Duprelle & Duperelle. Her father signed her wedding certificate. She was married in Kehlen Luxembourg. I have the certificates for her wedding & her childrens births. Her husband Johann/Jean was from Kehlen as was his father and mother. RECORDS: Birth, Marriage and Marriage Papers. BORN: Thursday MARRIED: Wednesday. ALIAS: Duprell, Duprelle RESIDENCE: Kehlen Luxembourg Johann: RECORDS: Marraige, Marriage papers, Military. RESIDENCE: Kehlen Luxembourg. BORN: Sunday


24. i Nicolas FLOENER #1966 born 8 Nov 1854, Kehlen, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth BORN: Wednesday

25. ii Henri FLOENER #1967 born 12 Aug 1858, Kehlen, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth BORN: Thursday

26. iii Susanna FLOENER #1968 born 16 Oct 1860, Kehlen, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth BORN: Tuesday

27. iv Barbie FLOENER #1969 born 4 Mar 1863, Kehlen, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth BORN: Wednesday

28. v Johann FLOENER #1970 born 1 Aug 1876, Kehlen, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth BORN: Sunday

14. Michel DUPREL #1096 (7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 2 Mar 1834, Greisch, Luxembourg., Occupation Farmer (Ackerban), married 16 May 1877, in Septfontaines, Luxembourg., Anna Catharina KRIER #1101, born 16 Oct 1848, Bertrange, Luxembourg., (daughter of Francois KRIER #1434 and Anne Catherine FELTGEN #1435) died 24 Apr 1913, Greisch, Luxembourg. Michel died 30 Jul 1909, Greisch, Luxembourg., Military serv: Luxembourg Army, 1873 - 1874.

Michel the second son of Nicolas DUPREL and Susanne GRESSER, was born in Greisch a commune of Septfontaines Luxembourg in the canton of Capellen. Greisch is approximately two miles from Septfontaines it is a farming and dairy community. According to Jean Pierre DUPREL (Greisch Luxembourg) Michel came to America sometime in the 1800's. Jen Pierre said that Michel did not like it in America and returned to Luxembourg. I know that Michel was back in Luxembourg by 1873 because I have his military certificate #727. It reads that Michel was in the Army of the Grand Duche de Luxembourg from 1873 to 1877.

Jean Pierre DUPREL also stated that Michel worked as a miner. I suspect that he worked as a miner in Bertrange. His future wife Anna Catherine KRIER and her parents were from there. While doing my genealogical search I found a DUPRE' / DUPREZ family living there in Bertrange. According to their records they lived there from 1796 to 1882, one of the Dupre's children was born in Tuntange Luxembourg. Tuntange is only a few miles from Greisch. (Just down the hill).

It is known from the records that Michel's father and grandfather at times used the surname DUPRE. So I do not know if it was just a coincidence that there was a DUPRE' / DUPREZ family living in the same town as Michel future wife.

I had a genealogist who specialize passenger arrival (ship list) due a check of the records for me. The records were searched for the years 1850 till 1880. There was no listing for a Michel DUPREL. Below is a list of the variations of the DUPREL surname that was searched for.

Du Prel, Duprell, Dupril, Doprel, Prel, Prell, Prele, Prill, Prels

At a later date I will search for the DUPRE' / DUPREZ surname spelling. On Michel birth and military records his last name was written as DUPRE'. On Michel children records all of their names written DUPREL.

RECORDS: Birth, Marriage, Marriage papers, Military BORN: Sun MARRIED: Wed DIED: Sun. Age at death 75 years 4 months 28 days. LDS Film #0425113, 1169432, 1140397

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey, Washington. (1993)

It was not a easy time for a emigrant in the States. In the port cities the immigrants were shamefully exploited. There are on record many complaints to that effect. The advice in newspapers of the Grand Duchy was that the emigrants should join with others before leaving. They traveled then in groups of ten, fifteen, twenty and twentyfive families. The fare was expensive; it came to 200 francs per person, without food. Children traveled for half fare. After the immigrants landed, the battle with the extorioners began. They fought for the traveler's baggage, promised the newcomers lodging at almost no cost, and when they were unable to detain the immigrants any longer swindled them for every penny. The immigrants were fortunate if they escaped with their baggage intact. Unfortunatley, many of the worst extorioners were Germans.

Written by Nicholas Gonner Luxembourgers in the New World Anna: RECORDS: Marriage and Marriage Papers> RESIDENCE: Greisch Luxembourg. BORN: Monday DIED: Thursday. Age at death 64 years 6 months 8 days.


+ 29. i Nicolas DUPREL #1102 born 23 Apr 1878.

+ 30. ii Catharina Susanna DUPREL #1105 born 11 Nov 1879.

31. iii M.M. DUPREL #1106 born 14 Nov 1881, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 14 Nov 1881, Greisch, Luxembourg. BORN: Monday DIED: Monday

+ 32. iv Anna DUPREL #1104 born 24 Mar 1883.

+ 33. v Jean DUPREL #1103 born 17 Jul 1885.

16. Jacque DUPREL #9 (7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 14 Jul 1839, Greisch, Capellen, Luxembourg., Occupation Roffer (Schifferdecker), married 1 Feb 1871, in Koerich, Capellen, Luxembourg., Jeanette MATHAY #10, born 2 Jan 1846, Goeblange, Koerich, Luxembourg., (daughter of Henry MATHAY #567 and Marguerite SEYLER #568) died Luxembourg. Jacque died 11 Nov 1912, Steinfort, Capellen, Luxembourg. BORN: Sun MARRIED: Wed DIED: Mon. Age at death 73 3 months 28 days RECORDS: Birth, Marriage. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Matty Thomes and Nicolas Duprel, Rumelange Luxmebourg 1972. RESIDENCE: Goeblange Luxembourg 1871-1911

Jacque Duprel the third son of Nicolas Duprel and Susanne Gresser was born in Greisch a commune of Septfontaines in the canton of Capellen in the country of Luxembourg. On his birth certificate his father signed his namee N: Dupre'.

Jacque named his first three sons Nicolas, and two of his daughters Catherine. He was the bestman / acting father at his sister-in-law Caecillia Mathey, wedding at Steinfort. He was also a witness at his sister-in-law Marie Mathay for her son Jacobus (Jacque) Bour baptismal in 1888 and for her daughter Margarethe Bour in 1889 both in Mamer. On Jacobs (Jacque) baptismal the clerk wrote Jacque Duprel name as Jac Duprelle. Jacque son Nicolas was a witness at the baptismal of Margarethe Bour she was bapitzed 1891 in Mamer, the clerk wrote Nicolas name as Nicolas Duprell. Jacque died in the hospital at Steinfort Luxembourg in 1911.

It is not known when the contact between the Duprel's of Greisch and Goeblange stopped. I meet the descendants of Jean Duprel Jacque 5th son they new nothing of the Duprels of Greisch. I also meet with the descendants of Nicolas Duprel born 1875, their answer was the same they new nothing of the Duprels of Greisch. The descendants of Catherine Duprel born 1886 gave me a picture of Catherine when she taught school in Greisch. So at least from that picture we know there was contact.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey Washington (1993) Jeanette: BORN: Friday RESIDENCE: Goeblange Luxembourg RECORDS: Birth

Jeanette Mathey last name has been spelled a couple of different ways. On the records it has been eathier Mathay or Mathey. She signed her wedding certificate (1871) as Jeanne Mathey. That was the only time that I found her signature on any record / certificate. Her first name has been spelled as such

Jeanne her birth certificate 1846

Jeanne Nick birth certificate 1871

Jeanne her marriage certificate 1871

Johanna Neckel birth certificate 1875

Johanna Nicola birth certificate 1877

Jeanette Andre' birth certificate 1880

I have found the Mathey name in the index for Hobscheid, Bettembourg, and Ingeldorf Luxembourg. And several families families in the department of Lorriane France.

Jeanette's mother Marguerithe Seyler, family also came from the Goeblange area, her grandfather Jean Seyler came from Schweich Luxembourg. It is close to Beckerich Luxembourg. Jeanette had six sisters and no brothers. I have their birth and marriage certificates.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey Washington (1993)


34. i Nicolas DUPREL #1189 born 25 Nov 1871, Goeblange, Luxembourg., Occupation Waiter, died 7 Jul 1911, Goeblange, Luxembourg. Nick died of a epileptic seisure. He worked as a waiter in the Hotel Starr in Luxembourg City. It was said that Jacque Duprel his father became sick upon hearing of the death of his son, and went into the hospital in Steinfort Luxmbourg and died a year later. On Nick birth certificate it showed his fathers name to be written as Ja'cob and his mothers as Jeanne Mathey. NICKNAME: Nick RESIDENCE: Luxmebourg City Luxembourg ? BORN: Saturday DIED: Friday. Age at death 39 years 7 months 12 days RECORDS: Birth

35. ii Nicolas DUPREL #1190 born 2 Feb 1875, Goeblange, Luxembourg., Occupation Tiler / Carpenter, married Anne FOHR #1388, born 26 Apr 1877, Sprinkange, Luxembourg., died 17 Sep 1939, Differdange, Luxembourg. Nicolas died 3 Oct 1908, Differdange, Luxembourg. Neckel married Anne in Differdange she was from Sprinkange. Neckel owned 2 houses in Differdange. Anne his wife was godmother to Neckel niece (Anne Lieffrig) Neckel & his wife Anne both died in Differdange Luxembourg. Anne their niece inherited the houses (Neckel did not have any children) NICKNAME: Neckel RESIDENCE: Differdange Luxembourg. SOURCE: Matty Thomes and Nicolas Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg 1971. BORN: Tuesday DIED: Saturday. Age at death 33 years 8 months 1 day. RECORDS: Birth Anne: SOURCE: Matty Thomes and Nicolas Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg 1971 BORN: Thursday DIED: Sunday, Age at death 62 years 4 months 22 days RESIDENCE: Differdange Luxembourg.

+ 36. iii Nicolas DUPREL #1191 born 24 May 1877.

+ 37. iv Andre DUPREL #11 born 4 May 1880.

38. v Catherine DUPREL #1195 born 18 Jun 1882, Goeblange, Luxembourg., died 29 Mar 1883, Goeblange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: Matty Thomes and Nicolas Duprel, Rumelange Luxembourg 1071 BORN: Sunday DIED: Thursday. Age at death 9 months 11 days

+ 39. vi Jean DUPREL #1194 born 21 Jan 1884.

+ 40. vii Catherine DUPREL #1192 born 14 Feb 1886.

21. Marie WEILER #4861 (10.Michel3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 20 Sep 1835, Greisch, Luxembourg., married 19 Jan 1870, in Septfontaines, Luxembourg., Pierre BACH #4864, born 27 Nov 1837, Boevange Attert, Mersch, Luxembourg., (son of Jean BACH #4865 and Catherine SCHMIT #4866) Occupation Day Laborer, Military serv: Lux Army, 1856 -. RECORDS: Birth, Marriage Nicolas Duprel her uncle. Gave her away at her wedding to Pierre (bestman) ALIAS: Marie Anne Pierre: RECORDS: Military, Marriage Papers


41. i Marie BACH #4867 born 12 Mar 1872, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 12 Mar 1872, Greisch, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth and Death

42. ii Nicolas BACH #4868 born 6 Aug 1873, Greisch, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth

43. iii Michel BACH #4869 born 19 Dec 1874, Greisch, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Birth

44. iv Catherine BACH #4870 born 7 Jan 1876, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 23 Jan 1877, Greisch, Luxembourg. ALIAS: Baach RECORDS: Birth and Death

45. v Theodore BACH #4871 born 24 May 1878, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 4 Jun 1878, Greisch, Luxembourg. ALIAS: Baach RECORDS: Birth and Death

Fifth Generation

29. Nicolas DUPREL #1102 (14.Michel4, 7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 23 Apr 1878, Greisch, Luxembourg., Occupation Guard Hunting Grounds, married in Ehlange, Luxembourg., Virgine KREMER #1118, born 17 Dec 1882, Bourglinster, Luxembourg., (daughter of Peter KREMER #1645 and Josephine WAGNER #1660) died Feb 1968, Bourglinster, Luxembourg. Nicolas died 8 Jul 1943, Bourglinster, Luxembourg., Military serv: Luxembourg Army. RECORDS: Brith, Death announcement SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Pierre Duprel Schifflange Luxembourg 1972 RESIDENCE: Bourglinster Luxembourg BORN: Tuesday DIED: Thursday. Age at death 65 years 2 months 15 days

Nicolas served 4 years volentary service in the Luxembourg Army. He could not find a decent position when he got out of the Army, so he went to the industrial southern part of the country. Nicolas hoped to find a job in the Ore mines. He han not worked there very long, before he developed heart troubles. Nicolas found a job in Bourglinster Luxembourg it was in the service of the Grand Duc Flelix, as a guard of the hunting grounds.

Nicolas founded a corps of volentary firemen in Bourglinster, his service in the military helped him to become founder and first commander of these firemen. Nicolas had several decorations. One was for service with the family of the Grand Duc for merts & several others as a fireman.

Nicolas was born in the house called Steiffes in Greisch.

Written by Pierre Duprel Schifflange Luxembourg 1973 Virgine: SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg 1972. RESIDENCE: Bourglinster Luxembourg. BORN: Sunday DIED: Sunday. Age at death 85 years.


46. i Josephine DUPREL #1119 born 28 Dec 1902, Bourglinster, Luxembourg., Occupation Housewife, married (1) 15 Nov 1935, in Schifflange, Luxembourg., Hubert GLESNER #1126, born 29 Sep 1902, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg., (son of Michel GLESNER #8059 and Marie PEFFER #8060) Occupation Workman Turner on Iron, died 26 Feb 1960, Schifflange, Luxembourg., Buried: 28 Feb 1960, Schifflange, Luxembourg., married (2) Arthr EWERT #5030. Josephine died 8 Nov 1979, Ettelbruck, Luxembourg., Buried: 10 Nov 1979, Schifflange, Luxembourg. RESIDENCE: Belvaux Luxembourg (1974) SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg 1972 Hubert: SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg. 1972 and Jeanny Gorges-Glesner Belvaux, Luxembourg 1990 Arthr: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Jeanny Gorges-Glesner Belvaux, Luxembourg 1990

47. ii Michel DUPREL #1120 born 4 Apr 1906, Bourglinster, Luxembourg., Occupation Farm Foreman, married (1) 25 Apr 1935, in Bourglinster, Luxembourg., Mary ALTMAN #1139, born 19 Dec 1910, Imbringen, Luxembourg., died 4 Dec 1943, Luxembourg., married (2) 31 Jan 1947, in Luxembourg., Louise ALTMAN #1411, born 11 Sep 1916, died 14 Oct 1986, Luxembourg. Michel died 31 Dec 1983, Luxembourg.

Michael attended primary school in Bourglinster Luxembourg. After school he worked for two years as a laborer on a farm in Bourglinster. After that he worked for four years at a large farm called the Burghof it was near Cruchten. On 1 April 1926 he started working for the Storehouse of the General Union Agricultural Co Operative Societies at Hollerich. (He was Foreman) Michel rode a bicycle to Bourglinster from Hollerich twice a day (it was 25 kilometers one way).

Michel married Mary Altman, they settled in Bonnevoie Luxembourg and had 7 children. Mary passed away in 1943. Michel & the children went to live with his mother in Bourglinster. They lived there until 1947 when Michel married Louise Altman, Mary sister. Michel & Louise rented a house in Cessange. They bought it three years later.

Michel worked for the Co Operative Society for 40 years, but had to retire because of heart disease. Every year during the month of Dec he returned there to help with the stock. Michel liked to cultivate his garden and go on long walks every day.

Written by Michel Duprel Cessange Luxembourg (1974)

Michel died of Apoplexy of the brain in 1983, he was 77 years old. SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg 1972 and Antoinette Linden-Duprel Cessange Luxembourg 1990. BORN: Wed MARRIED: Thur DIED: Sat. Age at death 77 years 8 months 27 days. Mary: SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg 1972. BORN: Monday DIED: Saturday. Age at death 32 years 11 months 15 days. Louise: Louise died of a heart attack, she was 80 years old. SOURCE: Pierre Duprel Schifflange Luxembourg 1972. RESIDENCE: Cessange Luxembourg. BORN: Monday DIED: Tuesday. Age at death 70 years 1 month 3 days.

48. iii Pierre DUPREL #1121 born 5 Mar 1908, Bourglinster, Luxembourg., Occupation Mecanicien, married 25 Feb 1933, Catherine BOVI #1135, born 28 Aug 1906, Mieslerolonnen, Luxembourg., Occupation Housewife & Mother, died 9 Nov 1992, Luxembourg. Pierre died Nov 1993, Luxembourg. BORN: Thursday MARRIED: Saturday SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg 1972. RESIDENCE: Brachtennach Luxembourg 1990.

Pierre the second son of Nicolas Duprel and Virgine Kremer was born in Bourlinster Luxembourg. When Pierre was about 13 years old he quit school to work on a farm where he learned to take care of cows. When he was 15 he started to learn a trade in Dandweiller Dimmeldange as a Mecanicien. He was employed by a firm named Cegedel until 1967, when he took his pension.

Pierre lived in Schifflange Luxembourg. He was involved in sports he had two favorite, they were bicycling and footing. In 1930 he was the champion of the verteran bicyclists. He had many Medals, Awards, and Trophies that he had been awarded in both fields. Pierre recently droped out of the actual races to become a manager (1969) but he still was in the newspapers as the champion of Luxembourg. In footing Pierre other sport he has participated in rallys. He still holds a record of 10 Kilometers in 56 minuters and 15 seconds, he and his wife bicyle to Spain every year for the winter.

Written by Pierre Duprel Schifflange Luxembourg (1973)

While on a on a visit to Luxembourg in Nov 1987 and was able to spend the afternoon with Pierre, his wife Catherine Bovi, their son Andre' and his wife Jeanne Schneider and their son Romain Duprel. Pierre and Catherine are living in Brachtenbach Luxembourg it is in the northern part of the country. The house is very old. Pierre and Andre' have restored it. Catherine says it has been in her family for over 200 years. Pierre has a room/den upstairs that he showed me it is full of his awards, he has this wall over his desk that is full of newspaper clippings from the time when he was bicycling and footing.

Both Pierre and Catherine are healthy and harty, he was showing me how he does deep knee bends. I had a very nice visit wtih Pierre and his family. Romain Duprel grandson of Pierre speaks fluent english and was kind enough to do the translating for us.

When I was in Luxembourg in the early 1970's Pierre Duprel told me a story that happened before World War II. He said that he was working at a factory or Mill and that he heard, Duprel over the loud speaker, & he was to come to the office. When he got there another man had already answered the call. It turns out that this other man was Nicolas Duprel son of Jean and Elisabeth Weis. Neither Pierre nor Nicolas new how they were related and they only talked that one time. After I had talked with both of them we figured out that they were second cousins and their common ancestor was Nicolas Duprel born 1805. I was told when I was stationed in Germany in the Army, by my grandmother Anna Gilson Duprel that the surname of Duprel would end after Nicolas Duprel (who had no children) and his first cousin Joseph Duprel who lived in France and only had a daughter passed away. While talking with Pierre Duprel he did not know of any relations in America nor of the descendants of Jacque Duprel and Jeaneatte Mathey.< /P>

How the contact between our 2 family lines was lost/broken is unknown, but through my family it is known that my grandfather Andre Duprel son of Jacque did not talk about his Uncle Michel Duprel family in Greisch the home place of the Duprel's in Luxembourg. I personaly talked with Nicolas Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg and Joseph Duprel Metz France, and neither one of them new of any other Duprel's in Luxembourg that we were related to. On the other side of the family Jean Pierre Duprel who had inherited the home place in Greisch and was the great grandson of the 1st Nicolas Duprel 1805 new nothing of any other Duprels in Luxembourg, France nor the United States that he was related to. But he did know of Pierre Duprel, and they had visited with each others family's and maintained contact over the years.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey, Washington (1993) Catherine: SOURCE: Catherine Duprel-Bovi, Brachtenbach Luxembourg 1987. RESIDENCE: Brachtenbach Luxembourg 1989. BORN: Tuesday ALIAS: Ketty

I received a christmas card from Catherine grandson Romain Duprel in Dec of 1992. He included a letter with the card and in the letter he said, that his grandmother Catherine had died in the hospital after a stupid accident. She fell in her kitchen and broke her leg. During her stay in the hospital she died after an operation. He went on to write that it was a very sad day, and grandfather Pierre needed a long time to understand that he is now alone in life.

Shortly after that event Pierre had to enter the hospital to undergo an operation. The operation was a success and he now lives with his son Andre in Schifflange. He hopes that grandfather Pierre will stay a long time with them.

49. iv Marie DUPREL #1122 born 1909, Bourglinster, Luxembourg., died 1937, Bourglinster, Luxembourg. RECORDS: Work Permit. SOURCE: Pierre Duprel Schifflange Luxembourg 1972 Age at death 28 years.

50. v Anna DUPREL #1123 born 22 Jul 1911, Bourglinster, Luxembourg., Occupation Cook (Cuisiner), died 7 Jan 1942, Bourglinster, Luxembourg. SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg 1972. RECORDS: Death announcement. BORN: Saturday DIED: Wednesday. Age at death 30 years 5 months 16 days

51. vi Marie Cecile DUPREL #1124 born 19 Jan 1918, Bourglinster, Luxembourg., married Antoine STEICHEN #1128, born 19 Dec 1910, Holzem, Luxembourg., Occupation Works Railroad. SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg 1972 BORN: Saturday Antoine: SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg 1972. BORN: Monday

52. vii Caroline DUPREL #1125 born 1922, Bourglinster, Luxembourg., died 27 Feb 1938, Bourglinster, Luxembourg. SOURCE: Pierre Duprel, Schifflange Luxembourg 1972. RECORDS: Death announcement. DIED: Sunday. Age at death 16 years.

30. Catharina Susanna DUPREL #1105 (14.Michel4, 7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 11 Nov 1879, Greisch, Luxembourg., married 30 Jul 1911, in Septfontaines, Luxembourg., Joseph NEIERTZ #1107, born 28 Mar 1881, Septfontaines, Luxembourg., (son of Nicolas NEIERTZ #10583 and Elisabeth Margarethe Marie HOLTZ #10594). RESIDENCE: Septfontaines BORN: Tuesday MARRIED: Sunday SOURCE: Jean Pierre Duprel, Greisch Luxembourg 1972. RECORDS: Birth. Joseph: FILM #1792060 Septfontaines birth Joseph named for his grandfather Joseph Holtz


53. i Marie NEIERTZ #1108. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Jean Pierre Duprel, Greisch Luxembourg 1972.

54. ii Josy NEIERTZ #1109 Occupation Ownes Store, married wife of Josy Neiertz #1110. Josy ownes a store in Luxemobourg City and he speaks english (1974) SOURCE: Jean Pierre Duprel, Greisch Luxembourg 1972

32. Anna DUPREL #1104 (14.Michel4, 7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 24 Mar 1883, Greisch, Luxembourg., married Jean NILLES #1116. SOURCE: Jean Pierre Duprel Greisch Luxembourg 1972. BORN: Saturday


55. i Pierre NILLES #1117. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Jean Pierre Duprel, Greisch Luxembourg 1972.

33. Jean DUPREL #1103 (14.Michel4, 7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 17 Jul 1885, Greisch, Luxembourg., Occupation Farmer / Painter, married 19 Apr 1911, in Septfontaines, Luxembourg., Catherine NEIERTZ #1158, born 3 Oct 1884, Septfontaines, Luxembourg., (daughter of Nicolas NEIERTZ #10583 and Elisabeth Margarethe Marie HOLTZ #10594) died 19 Apr 1951, Greisch, Luxembourg. Jean died 22 Feb 1966, Greisch, Luxembourg. SOURCE: Jean Pierre Duprel, Greisch Luxembourg 1972. RESIDENCE: Greisch Luxembourg 1885-1966. BORN: Fri MARRIED: Wed DIED: Tue. Age at death 80 years 7 months 5 days.

Jean was the second son of Michel Duprel and Anna Catharina Krier. He was born in Greisch a commune of Septfontaines in the canton of Capellen. Jean was a farmer and a house painter. He operated his own paint business along with his son Jean Pierre until he retired in 1950.

Jean inherited the farm from his father Michel, who inherited it from his father Nicolas Duprel (born 1805)

According to the records Jean's last name of Duprel was changed to Dupper this change took place on 27 March 1944. I believe the reason for the name change is explained in the story below. This name change might of only been on paper. Virgine Duprel-Hoffmann says Jean and his son Nicolas were always known by the surname of Duprel. during World War II Camille, Jean's youngest son was drafted into the German army and died in Russia 1943.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey, Washington (1989)

On 1 September 1939 the great war began. Germany invaded Poland; now she was at war with the other great nations. Luxembourg snuggled up to Germany's borders on the east and to the borders of Germany's France on the south. Luxembourg's enemy Germany and her Friend France were the jaws of the nutcracker in which the little neutral nation, for all practical purposes cut off from the rest of the world, waited to be crushed.

May 10, 1940 The German army invaded Luxembourg

Jul 29, 1940 German civil administration took control from the army

Aug 14, 1940 Luxembourg ceased to exist (according to Germany)

Apr 30, 1941 Germany conscripted Luxembourg's young men for labor.

Oct 10, 1941 The Luxembourg people defied Germany at the polls.

Aug 1-5 1942 The people showed open revolt.

Aug 30, 1942 Germany imposed military conscription.

Sep 15, 1942 Germany organized deportation of Luxembourg citizens.

Sep 9-13 1944 The liberation.

Dec 16, 1944 Germans launched offensive (became battle of the Bulge)

Mar 2, 1945 The final liberation.

May 7, 1945 Pease.

The Germans outlawed the use of the French language, they were taking a much more drastic step. They went so far as to forbid the use of "Monsieur" and "Bonjour" and "Merci," all French terms that had found a place in daily Letzeburgesch usage. Then they forbade the use of French Christian names, so that Francois had to become Franz, Camille, Kamil; and French family names, so that Jacques became Johan or Jacob and Dupont became Bruckner.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Written by James Newcomer Catherine: SOURCE: Jean Pierre Duprel Greisch Luxembourg 1972. RESIDENCE: Greisch Luxembourg 1911-1951 BORN: Friday DIED: Thursday. Age at death 66 years 6 months 16 days. FILM #1792060 Septfontaines birth


56. i Nicolas DUPREL #1159 born 5 Feb 1912, Greisch, Luxembourg., Occupation house painter, married 23 Nov 1938, in Bonnevoie, Luxembourg., Marthe SCHMIT #1163, born 10 Jun 1914, Bettembourg, Luxembourg., Occupation Housewife & Mother, died 9 Feb 1994, Messancy, Belgium. Nicolas died 16 Oct 1973, Hollenfels, Luxembourg., Military serv: French, 1930's. RESIDENCE: Hollenfels Luxembourg 1973 SOURCE: Jean Pierre Duprel, Greisch Luxembourg 1972 and Virgine Duprel-Hoffmann Greisch Luxembourg 1994. BORN: Monday DIED: Tuesday. Age at death 61 years 8 month s 11 days.

Nicolas the oldest child of Jean Duprel and Catherine Neiertz waa born in the house called Stiefes, in Greisch a commune of Septfontaines a canton of Capellen Luxembourg. In 1932 Nicolas joined the French Foreign Legion he was a soldier in Marco from 1932 to 1937.

After Nicolas got out of the Legion he returned to Luxembourg & worked with Trains from 1937 to 1944. After 1944 and to 1963 he worked for Bolsterer and Canapee. In 1963 his father died, Nicolas and his brother Jean Pierre Duprel took over their father business and worked together as house painters.

Written by Virgine Duprel-Hoffmann Greisch, Luxembourg 1994 Marthe: SOURCE: Marthe Duprel-Schmit Xmass card 1991 and Virgine Duprel-Hoffmann Greisch, Luxembourg 1994 Marthe died in a home of the elderly in Belgium.

57. ii M.M. DUPREL #1639 born 18 Apr 1913, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 18 Apr 1913, Greisch, Luxembourg. SOURCE: Jean Pierre Duprel, Greisch Luxembourg 1972. BORN & DIED on a Friday

58. iii Jean Pierre DUPREL #1160 born 7 Nov 1914, Greisch, Luxembourg., Occupation farmer / Painter, married 25 Dec 1946, in Simmern, Luxembourg., Virgine Marie HOFFMANN #1181, born 18 Mar 1922, Dellen, Luxembourg., (daughter of Nicolas HOFFMANN #1368 and Louise SCHARTZ #1369) Occupation Worked Dairy / Housewife. Jean died 17 Oct 1985, Greisch, Luxembourg., Buried: 20 Oct 1985, Greisch, Luxembourg. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Jean Pierre Duprel Greisch Luxembourg 1971. BORN: Sat MARRIED: Wed DIED: Thur. Age at death 70 years 11 months 10 days.

Jean Pierre the second son of Jean Duprel and Catherine Neiertz was born in Greisch a commune of Septfontaines in the canton of Capellen Luxembourg. He grew up in the house that has been in his family since before the 1830's. It originaly belonged to Nicolas Duprel and his wife Susanne Gresser.

Jean Pierre remodeled the house making it into a modern home. He also remodeled the building faceing the house, they had used it to store their cereals and hay in. It had also been used for a Barn for their Cows and Pigs. Jean had not farmed since 1950 & desided to make it into a shop for his paint business. He took over his father's house painting business in 1950.

During World War II many Luxembourg men were forced to eathier fight in the German army or do some type of work for them. Jean Pierre was forced to work in a factory, his job was to change the glass in the buildings (Windows / Skylights) He was allowed to return to Luxembourg on weekends. During one of those weekends he met his future wife Virgine Hoffmann. She was working at the Dairy in Greisch.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey, Washington (1987) Virgine: Virgine family comes from Dellen Luxembourg. SOURCE: Jean Pierre and Virgine Duprel Hoffmann 1971 RESIDENCE: Greisch Luxembourg 1996

59. iv Agathe DUPREL #1161 born 13 Nov 1915, Septfontaines, Luxembourg., Occupation Managed dairy / housewife, married 14 Apr 1941, in Greisch, Luxemoburg., Jean Pierre KOLBACH #1562, born 30 Sep 1910, Mamer, Luxembourg., Occupation Foreman Arbed Factory, died 16 Apr 1985, Luxembourg. Agathe died 26 May 1998, Mamer, Luxembourg.

Agathe Duprel was born in the house called Jeschen in Greisch a commune of Septfontaines in the canton of Capellen in the Duchy of Luxembourg. After having finished school in her small home town she made a sojour of one year in the town of Virton Belguim to improve her knowledge of French. After this period she acted as a manager of the local dairy in her home village. She left this job when she got married in 1941. She and her husband lived in Lorentzweiler Luxembourg then. This village is a short distance from the Arbed factory (division of Dommeldange) where her husband was a foreman.

Since 1947 they had lived in Mamer (where her husband was born in 1910 their house. Agathe husband retired from active life in 1970. In his leisure time he was a convinced and diligent member of the local volunteer fire brigade. He died unexpectedly in 1985 when he was 74 years old. From that day on she lives all alone in their house, and take it from me, (she said) this house seems empty and deserted to me now.

Written by Agathe Kolbach-Duprel Mamer Luxembourg (1987)

I meet Agathe in 1987. We spent part of one evening at her home in Mamer. I returned again the next afternoon, and spent a few hours talking and looking at family pictures and naturaly the family book that I had brought along. Roger Duprel's wife Denise was the translator again as she was at most of the family get togethers in 1987.

We left for a Luxembourg restaurant to have lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon there talking. I felt very close to Agathe she made me feel very welcome in both her country and her home.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Hinesville, Georgia (1989) SOURCE: Agathe Kolbach-Duprel, Mamer Luxembourg 1986. RESIDENCE: Mamer Luxembourg 1990. BORN: Saturday MARRIED: Monday Jean: RESIDENCE: Mamer Luxembourg. BORN: Friday DIED: Tuesday. Age at death 74 years 6 months 17 days

60. v Marie Laura Justine DUPREL #1367 born 28 Jun 1918, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 29 Jan 1919, Greisch, Luxembourg. SOURCE: Jean Pierre Duprel, Greisch Luxembourg 1972. BORN: Friday DIED: Wednesday. Age at death 7 months 1 day.

61. vi Camille Nicolas DUPREL #1162 born 19 Apr 1923, Greisch, Luxembourg., died 1943, Russia (estern front)., Military serv: German Army, ------1943. BORN: Thursday. Age at death 19 years. SOURCE: Jean Pierre Duprel, Greisch Luxembourg 1972

Camille the youngest son of Jean Duprel and Catherine Neiertz was born in Greisch a commune of Septfontaines Luxembourg in the canton of Capellen. Cammille was forced to join the German army, during the occupation of Luxembourg World War II. He was killed on the Russian Front in 1943.

Written by Jean Pierre Duprel Greisch Luxembourg (1973)

I suspect that Camille Duprel name was changed to Kamil Dupper in 1944 like his father and older brother were. I have not checked the German WW II records as yet for Camille. According to the pictures that I have seen of Camille he had light hair, a slim build and he was about 5 foot 7 inchs tall. He wore glasses in the pictures. It looked like a couple of the pictures were taken at the farm in Greisch. There were other people in the pictures. Virgine Hoffmann-Duprel said some were friends and some were German soldiers. In a couple of them Camille was in his German army uniform.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Hinesville Georgia (1989)

In late summer of 1942 the Germans introduced conscription to the army on a five year age group of young men, later adding two more years. In the wake of Luxembourg resistance came executions, the seizing of young children to be sent to Nazi education camps, deportation of entire families to camps in Polish Silesia and Bohemia. When the Germans instituted the draft into military service, the entire nation rallied its resistance in a general strike. It began in Wiltz, where 700 employees left their work. Offices closed stores locked up, school children stayed home. The strike spread through the mills in the south, the railroad workers joined in, the printers, the postal workers. Resistange was strong among the young men to be drafted. From a population of 300,000 there were 12,031 called up for service. Of these, 3,510 never reported. Later many Luxembourg soldiers who had leave failed to report back, but hid in the forests or made their way across the borders to liberty. All the country rallied to resis t the oppressor and protect their young men.

These are the gross figures. Of the 15,409 young men summoned, 10,211 were drafted by the Germans, 2,848 died or disappeared, and 3,510 failed to report or deserted. In other words only about one-third of the draftees were in a position to give effective service. Of the 3,963 men and women sent to prisons and concetration camps, 791 died

Of the 4,186 men and women deported, 154 died. Of the 584 men who joined the underground or the Allied armies, 57 died. in all, 5,259 Luxembourg citizens died as a result of the war.

The brutal German policy of absorbing Luxembourg into the German state cost the Luxembourg citizenry the highest porportion of people sent to concentration camps, people imprisoned, and people deported of all the countries of Europe. Fear, misery, and death laid their wounds on the nation from 1940 to 1945.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Written by James Newcomer

36. Nicolas DUPREL #1191 (16.Jacque4, 7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 24 May 1877, Goeblange, Luxembourg., Occupation Owned a Lumber Company, married (1) Marie SCHINTGEN #1232, born 1879, Bacharache, Luxembourg., (daughter of unk SCHINTGEN #4851 and unk BOURGRAFF #4852) died 1918, France., Buried: Fontoy, France., married (2) Marie WISER #1412. Nicolas died 6 Mar 1930, Fontoy, France., Buried: Fontoy, France. RECORDS: Birth RESIDENCE: Fontoy France SOURCE: Joseph Duprel Metz France 1971. Matty & Anna Thomes Rumelange Luxembourg 1971. BORN: Thursday DIED: Thursday. Age at death 52 years 9 months 10 days LDS Film #1139682

Nicola married twice his second wife last name was Marie Wiser. Nicola owned a Lumber company in Redrange Lorraine France, next to the Luxembourg border. He had a depot in Nagem France where he started. In Fontoy France he had gutter saws that made boards. Nicola and Marie Schintgen (Nicola first wife) had one son Joseph,

Nicola liked to hunt. He had many hunting grounds in Luxembourg, where he hunted deer and rabbits. Nicolas was a Luxembourg citizen. When his father died Nicolas return to Goeblange to make out the death certificate.

Marie Wieser Nicola second wife had two children a son and a daughter. Her first husband had passed away before she married Nicola. Nicola taught his so Joseph the Lumber business, they constructed many houses together.

Written by Mathias Thomes & Anna Thomes-Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg (1973) NICKNAME: Nicola Marie: SOURCE: Joseph Duprel, Metz France 1971. Nicole Duprl-Schlitter Nancy France, 1990. Marie died in eathier Redange or Fontoy France. Marie: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Joseph Duprel, Metz France 1971.

Children by Marie SCHINTGEN:

62. i Joseph DUPREL #1233 born 23 Feb 1903, Redange, France., Occupation Businessman, married 21 Jul 1930, in Villers la Montagne, France., Pauline GAUCHE #1234, born 11 Jan 1904, Hussigny, France., Occupation Housewife, died 2 Jan 1986, Nancy, France., Buried: Fontoy, France. Joseph died 20 Nov 1978, Metz, France., Buried: Fontoy, France. RESIDENCE: Nancy France SOURCE: Joseph Duprel Metz France (1971), Matty Thomes and Anna Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg (1971) Nicole Schlitter-Duprel Nancy France 1990. BORN: Mon MARRIED: Mon DIED: Mon. Age at death 75 years 8 months 28 days

Joseph took one year of english in school at Ettelbruck. When the Germans invaded his english class, it was stopped. This was during WWI. I first meet Joseph in 1971. He was 68 years old, he was a big man he stood around 6 feet 5 inches and probably weighed 280 lbs or so. Joseph said that when he was younger that he had researched the du Prel name and that the Duprels came from Spain. He said he gave a copy to his aunt Catherine Liefrig-Duprel Rodt Luxmebourg.

After Joseph mother Marie Duprel-Schingtgen died, hsi father Nicola meet the daughter of a Lumber business man. Her name was Marie Wiser, she had a son and a daughter by her first husband who also had died. The daughter was about the same age as Joseph, she wanted Joseph to marry her daughter, but Joseph already knew Pauline Gauche.

When Nicola died the second wife Marie Wiser inherited all the family fortune. Joseph was married then to Pauline and couldn't believe it. He contested it in court and lost. He was left pennyless he moved to Terville Mosille France there he started all over again as a business man selling stone and lumbjer materials necessary for building fortifications around the border to keep the Germans out (the Maginot line) In 1939 the family moved 3 or 4 times to different towns to get away from the Germans. Later Joseph was selling / buying lumber for the Germans.

The war was almost over when Joseph came to live in Luxembourg with Anna Thomes-Duprel (his first cousin) he had to leave France because he was condemmed to pay a fee of 250,000 French Francs for doing business with the Germans. Joseph said this was because of claims made by his business rivials. While in Luxembourg Joseph started a business called SCOMINE, he sold lumber materials to the Steel Works. He was a industrial representative.

Joseph had political connections in France he knew robert Schuman the French President. Joseph was freed of paying the 250,000 feee. he returned to France and bought a home in Montigny-Les-Metz. When Joseph was younger he and his father Nicolas liked to go on hunting trips together. Joseph also liked sport cars, he onece owned a Hotchkes Panhard car.

Written by Joseph Duprel Metz France (1972) Pauline: SOURCE: Joseph Duprel Metz France 1971. Nicole Schlitter-Duprel Nancy France, 1990. Hussigny France is near Redange.

37. Andre DUPREL #11 (16.Jacque4, 7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 4 May 1880, Goeblange, Luxemboug, Occupation Farmer / Rancher, married 25 May 1902, in Port Washington, WI., Anna GILSON #12, born 28 Dec 1882, Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg., (daughter of Philippe GILSON #16 and Catherine STEICHEN #17) Occupation Mother / Housewife, died 25 Feb 1971, Sturgis, SD., Buried: 3 Mar 1971, St Aloysius Cemetery, Sturgis, SD. Andre died 25 Jan 1943, Deadwood, SD, Buried: Jan 1943, ST. Aloysius Cemetery, Sturgis, SD.

Andre was born in the village of Goeblange a commune of Koerich in the canton of Capellen Luxembourg near the Belgium frontier. He was the forth son of Jacque Duprel and Jeanette Mathey. His father, Jacque was a contractor by trade, worked as a carpenter and slater (schieferderker) building schools, churches, houses and other public buildings. Andre four brothers and one sister grew up in the village and as the boys grew to manhood they worked with their father learning his trades. From his mother, Andre learned his love of the land, working with the soil. While her husband was at his work, the mother with the help of the children planted and harvested the crops on their small acreage, and as they were able, a portion of each pay check was invested in more land, and woods and forests. Andre loved working the land and tired to persuade his father to buy a team of horses for him, but his parents, thinking it was just a passing fancy, deemed it unwise. Andre undaunted, used a team of oxen to work the grou nd and harvest the potatoes and other crops. As time went on the family's holdings became larger and larger and as the boys grew they gradually took over the operations, later becoming large lumber dealers in Luxembourg and France.

When Andre was about 19 years of age, two men who had lived in Port Washington Wisconsin for 10 years came to Koerich, where the Duprels were then living, to visit. They told of the wonders and opportunities to be had in the new country of America. They said, there in America you can just shovel the gold up. Andre found it din't come that easy, but much easier than in the old country. They finally induced Andre and four other young men from the village to return to America with them. They arrived in Wisconsin in March, 1901. Andre found work in the Gilson Foundry, and while working there he met and married Anna Gilson,

Anna was from Colmar-Berg, canton of Mersch Luxembourg. Although Colmar-Berg (meaning castle on the hill) is only twenty kilometers from the village of Koerich where Andre was raised he and Anna never met until they met in America. Anna and Andre lived in Port Washington about a year before they left Port Washington. Their first child a daughter Katherine was born. Later they moved to Chicago, where their second child, another daughter, Florence was born. Wages were much higher in Chicago. Top wages at that time were about $6 per day. They lived in Chicago about 2 years, at which time they returned to Wis. For a visit with Anna's family and while there read a letter from Mrs. Leo Keffeler who was a 1st cousin to Anna's mother. In the letter she told of the area around Sturgis South Dakota where they lived. She said there were no factories, there was land to be had for homesteading. The lure of the land again got the better of Andre. Anna parents said there is land in Wisconsin to buy and you don't have to go where there are indians to file on land. However in spite of the misgivings of Anna parents, he decided to go to South Dakota. So the next day he quite his job at the foundry. They packed up their furniture and other belongings including a hunting dog, and left by train for South Dakota, arriving in Sturgis in March 1905. Upon their arrival at the station Anna was left on the platform with their luggage, while Andre went to get his dog from the baggage compartment. She inquired directions to Leo Keffeler's from tow men at the station. It turned out that their name was also Keffeler. They helped the Duprels get settled in the Fruth Hotel. Later the Duprels made arrangements to visit with the Leo Keffelers. At the hotel they also became acquainted with the Schummer family, including a daughter, the present Anna Leveque, who became a life long friend of Anna Gilson Duprel. They also learned that Mrs. Wm. Komes, Mrs John Schaff and Mrs. Gean Molitor, also cousins of Anna's mother, Katherine Steichen Gilson , were living in the area, Mrs. Leo (Veronica) Keffeler's mother and Mrs. Andre (Anna Duprel's grandfather were brother and sister.

Mrs. Komes sent word for them to come out to their place as there was land to filed on next to theirs. They filed on their homestead, then Andre worked at Fort Meade as a carpenter until the next spring. Their 1st son, John, was born while they lived in Sturgis. In the meantime, while Andre worked at Fort Meade, he built their new home, a two room house and they with their three children, Katherine, Florence and John moved there in May, 1906 and lived there until 1936 when they moved back to Sturgis. They bought a team of horses and a plow and he was able to break and plant 17 acres of corn the first year, along with fencing their claim, building other buildings and doing the necessary things for survival for their future life. Later they filed on an additional claim, making 320 acres. About this time the dry years moved into the area and as each year became worse it was necessary for them to find additional means of making a living, so Andre returned to his carpenter work. Some of the buildings he bui lt in the area inculded houses for Felix Bachand, Robert Sparks, John Phiefers, John Molitor, Abe French, and Steffes, also barns for Hodie Jenks, Charlie Nichols and others. Still the drought continued and it became increasingly harder to find work around Sturgis, so it was decided that Andre would go to Canada where it was reported that work was plentiful. This was during the years of 1910 and 1911. he stayed at a hotel in Canada and while there became acquainted wtih E.E. Bailey who lived in Canada and contracted to build a house for him. While working on the house, he met and talked with other farmers in the area and found that they were very much in need of horses, and were willing to pay as high as $500. for a good work team. E.E. bailey offered to furnish the money if Andre would purchase the horses in South Dakota and return them to Canada where they could be sold, so they formed a joint business venture and returned to Sturgis and the surrounding area to purchase the horses. They purchased 180 head a t $42. per head from William Uren, a rancher in the area. Then began the long job of driving the horses to Canada. Andre hired four boys from the neighborhood, namely; Martin Stolz, Phillip Mailloux, Leonard Molitor and Little Max Meyer, to help him and they left on the long hard drive. In the meantime Anna was alone on the homestead with the children who now included Leonard and Jeanette. The older three by now were of school age. Schools were far apart in those days, the closest one being near the old Windred Martin place (now Andy Duprel's) which was over four miles from their home. In the fall of 1912, it was decided to send the three older children to their grandparents in Wisconsin to attend school there, while Mrs. Duprel and the two younger children remained at home to await Andre's return.

Andre returned sometime after Christmas, only to tell his wife that he must return to Yorkton, to finish collecting for the horses he had sold. After two years the hardship of a wife alone began to tell on Anna, so she decided to join her older children in Wisconsin until the time when Andre could be home with them. However, rearing five children in a city by herself turned out to be no easy chore, so when Andre returned from Canada with enough money from his venture to give them a new start they both decided to return to South Dakota. They returned in March of 1914. Although most of the groceries, bedding and supplies they had left stored in their house when they left had disappeared, they were able to buy livestock, both horses and milk cows, furniture and new supplies and began their life anew.

Eleven children blessed their marriage, Catherine, Florence, John, Leonard, Jeanette, Alfred, Walter, Clarence, Edwin, Mae Jo and Laura. By this time a school had been built within a mile of their home, so the children received their first eight years of education at the Meyer School. They attended church in Bear Butte Valley. Through the years their holdings grew to a sizeable ranch, their roots grew deeper each year. Ther land was passed along to sons daughters and grandchildren following in their footsteps. five of the children are still located in the area.

Written by Anna Gilson Duprel & Berneice McKillips Duprel Land of the Pioneers (Mato Paha) pages 120 - 122 Sturgis South Dakota (1968) Andre arrived port of New York April 1901. this is per paper in the Sturgis City court house 1989) Anna: RECORDS: Marriage, Death . BORN: Thursday DIED: Thursday. Age at death 88 years 1 month 28 days. SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 503 54 0457 issued in South Dakota

Anna Gilson was born to Philip Gilson and Katherine Steichen. She was born in Colmar Berg (meaning castle on the hill) Colmar is a commune of Berg, canton of Mersch Luxembourg. Anna's grandmother was born in a castle in Luxembourg to the family of Rach. She was Christine Rach and as a young girl met and married against her families wishes, a miller by the name of Steichen. Their daughter Katherine bas born in Beringen, Luxembourg. She was married in Colmar Berg to Philip Gilson Anna's father.

The Gilson family originated in Normandy France at the time of the crusades. Some of the family soldiered in the army of William the I, commonly called "The Conqueror". They settled in England, thus dividing the family into 2 branches. One of the English branch of the family, William Gilson came to America with the Pilgrims and settled in Plymouth colony starting a Grist Mill. History has it that he invented the first mechanical contrivance built in Plymouth Colony.

The French branch of the Gilson family lived in Haby a province of Luxemburg now part of Belgium. In the 17th century, Conrad Gilson of this branch of the family, raised two sons, Theodore and Michael. One of their cousins, a ship captain, died in Holland. He left a sum of money for Theodore and Michael. Michael went to Holland to collect the money. He couldn't talk their language and couldn't collect any of the money. It made Theodore so angry he came to America and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1840. In 1850, Ozaukee county, Wisconsin was settled by people from Luxembourg and Theodore moved from Milwaukee to Port Washington where he started a steel foundry, manufacturing stoves, plow shares and many other items needed by the pioneers. One of the first things manufactured was a corn husker called the Ozaukee Husker. It was said "Anyone could get a job at the Theodore Gilson Foundry".

The other brother Michael Gilson, Grandfather to Anna never came to America his wife was the former Anna Wirtz. They settled in Colmar Berg where he worked in the Foundries. His son Philip, worked in the foundries with him. During the Paris exposition in 1900, John Gilson son of Theodore of Wisconsin went to Paris to the exposition and while there decided to try to locate any relatives remaining in France or Luxembourg, and thus became reunited with Anna's family living in Colmer Berg, Luxembourg. Anna the eldest child of the family, was eighteen years old at the time and was working in the castle while the Grand Duke of Luxembourg lived in a castle in the city of Luxembourg (Luxembourg City) his son and wife, the Duke and Duchess, lived in the castle in Colmar Berg. Anna's duties were to help with the care of the daughter, the young princess. When her cousin from America arrived he persuaded Anna and her younger brother, Michael D. Gilson to return to America with him. They arrived in June in the year of 1901. They in turn, enthusiastic over the new world, wrote back for the parents and the rest of the children to come. They arrived in November, 1901. Philip, Anna's father, had lived at Colmar Berg in the same house since he was born on 5 March 1853. After he and Katherine Steichen married, they continued to live there. They had three boys, Michael, John and Andrew. Andrew died when he was twelve years old, and five girls, Anna, Alice, Margaret, Josephine, and one little girl who died when still and infant. All came to America execpt the little girl who had died. Philip died August 1934 and Katherine 1939 in Fredonia Wisconsin.

They had lived first in Port Washington. Later Anna's father, Philip started his own foundry in Fredonia, Wisconsin, Which has grown through the years to a chain of foundries, including the one still in Fredonia, two in Plymouth and one in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, one in Statesville, North Carolina and one in Canada. At these foundries, cement mixers, lawn and garden equipment, tractors, and many other things are made for retailers all over the country.

It was in Port Washington, when Anna was working for her cousin, John, to pay back her fare to America, that Anna first met and married Andre Duprel. (see the Andre Duprel story)

Written by Anna Gilson & Berneice McKillips Duprel Land of the Pioneers (Mato Paha) pages 120 - 122) Sturgis South Dakota (1968)

The above story about the Gilson family having 2 branches with one going to England and eventually comming to America with the Pilgrims is probably taken from the book GENEALOGY OF THE GILLSON AND JILLSON FAMILY. collected and compiled by David Jillson. In this book it is also mentioned about the Gilson surname being derived from Gill and Giles. Archbishop French, in his book on words, remarks concerning the Gillsons, that some pronounced the G hard and others soft, and he accounts for it by saying the former were the sons of Gilbert, and the latter the sons of Giles.

Family surnames were not commonly in use previous to the tenth century. They were first used in France, particularly in Normandy. Previous to the Norman conquest the people in England had generally but one name.

The Gillson name is not found in England previous to the Norman conquest. The ancestor is said to have come over from Normandy with William the Conqueror, A.D. 1066 and from the name Gillson being found in France, gives countenance to this.

Whether we are descended from these Gilson / Gillson or not is not known. What is known from the records. Is that we are descended from Joannis Gilson and Jeanne Le Comte. Joannis and Jeanne came form Habay la Ville Luxembourg now part of Belgium. Joannis Gilson moved to Ferrifodina, Berg, Luxembourg. The 1st record that I have in Ferrifodina is the baptismal record for their daughter Francica Gilson (1739).

After Andre Duprel passed away in Deadwood South Dakota in 1943. Anna Gilson Duprel continued to live in Sturgis at their home located at 1407 West Main street (across the street from the courthouse). Anna spent much of her time with her children in South Dakota, she visited her other children and grandchildren in Washington, California, Mississippi, and Alabama, several times. She was able to visit her homeland (Luxembourg) in 1929 and again in 1965. She visited with her husband sister Catherine Liefrig Duprel in Roodt, and his neice Anna Thomes Duprel and nephew Nicolas Duprel in Rumelange Luxembourg. She also visited her husband brother Nicolas Duprel and his son Joseph. I have pictures of Anna when she visited with Nicolas and Joseph in Luxembourg (1929). I'm not sure as of this writting but I beleive in that same picture was Catherine Liefrig Duprel, Anna husband sister.

Anna passed away at Sturgis South Dakota in 1971 and is burried next to her husband Andre Duprel. Anna and Andre are survived by 138 descendants. (1993)

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey, Washington (1993) SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Newspaper Obit, Newspaper Article, Family records Leonard Duprel Santa Cruz CA. 1973. The book Land of the Pioneers Meade Co.


63. i Catherine Marie DUPREL #716 born 3 Jan 1903, Port, Washington, WI, Occupation Businesswomen, married (1) 14 Nov 1921, in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO., Addison ADAIR #3222, born 1897, VA,, Occupation Laborer, married (2) 22 Apr 1924, in Bear Butte, SD., Ralph H. TENNIS #1252, born 6 Dec 1894, Claremont, IA, (son of Charlie Martin TENNIS #1547 and Cora ALEXANDER #1959) Occupation Farmer / Businessman, died 9 Feb 1950, Sturgis, Meade, SD., Military serv: U.S. Army, 1917 - 1919, married (3) 13 Jan 1954, in Sturgis, Meade, SD., George TALLMAN #1410, born 18 Mar 1898, Omaha, NE., (son of George TALLMAN #4696 and Lillie GANNON #4697) Occupation Construction Worker, died 7 Jul 1990, Sturgis, SD., Buried: 10 Jul 1990, Bear Butte Cemetery, SD. Catherine died 6 Oct 1971, Sturgis, SD., Buried: 8 Oct 1971, St. Aloysius Cemetery.

Catherine completed her first eight years of school in Meade County Schools in South Dakota. She then attended the Black Hills Teachers College at Spearfish, South Dakota for two years. Catherine married Ralph Tennis in the valley Catholic church. Before Catherine married her first husband she taught school for two years. Catherine and Ralph started their married life on the John Smith ranch. (Mr. Smith was a former Meade County Sheriff). About one half mile south of the John Smith place, Ralph filed on his homestead and built a two room shack, which we lived in until he could prove up on the homestead. Later we purchased an irrigated ranch from "Swede" R.E. Anderson. This was about four miles south of Empire. We moved our two room claim shack & built on to it. We lived there until 1935. During this time we milked about twelve cows, raised pigs, calves, lots of sugar beets & garden vegetables. We spent many hours pulling weeds and hoeing. We also delivered cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables as far as Alkali and Hereford communities and some in Lead City. I drove a Model T truck and later we purchased an Interational truck to peddle our produce. We were happy to make enough this way to pay our taxes and water right. This kind of grind was getting a bit depressing, so we decided to have an aution sale and try something else. Ray Bush was our auctioneer. We leased our land to Lundgrens.

We purchased one half interest, with Rudy Conklin, in the Log Cabin Gas Station on Junction Avenue in Sturgis. There were only two cabins at this time. We lived in one of the cabins. A year later we purchased Sid Price's Cabin Camp of six cabins right next to the Log Cabins. Two years later we purchased the home east of the cabins. We built six more cabins so now we had fourteen cabins to rent and a nice home to live in. Later we purchased the Enders Apartment House and lots where the A & W Root Beer stand still remains. Now we had a little start and time for a bit of pleasure. We purchased 8 lots for our riding horses. We so enjoyed being a part of the Sturgis Riding Club. The club took first prize for twelve years at the Belle Fourche round up for being the "Outstanding Riding Club in the Northern Hills." Ralph was president of the club at the time of his death.

In February 1951, Meade County shop had a fire. Shortly after the fire was extinguished a county shop employe Charles Mathews, and Ralph passed away, apparently of heart attacks. I continued running the cabins and station for some time, alone. In all we had them eighteen years. Then on January 13, 1954 I married Dewey Tallman.

When Dewey and I married I was still running the Log Cabin Motel and Dewey was a construction worker for a contractor, L.P. Larson of Belle Fourche. Dewey was also co operator with Carl Peterson of the Municipal Bar of Vale. We both sold our businesses and purchased the Half-Way House between Deadwood and Spearfish. We ran it for five years, we then leased it and purchased the Hills Drive Inn Theater from James O'Neal of Spearfish.

As young children we both attended the Schaff School. I was eight years old and could't speak English when I started to school in 1911. Amelia and Lizzie Schaff translated for Florence and me. As a coincidence in about 1904 Dewey attended his first year of school there, too. He was making his home with his granparents, George B. Barnes, at the time. They had the Gaither place rented. Later, much of the time Dewey made his home with his uncle, Ed Barnes and family.

After this Dewey started doing construction work for Meade County and continued at that job for twenty five years. He is pictured with the Marion Bennett road crew in Southwest Meade County History Book. Dewey oened half or eight of the horses on that crew. Dewey and I are at home across the creek from the Half-Way house on highway 85, five miles from Deadwood. We enjoy our flowers, small garden, and peacocks, bridge, duplicate and all is a must with me. Dewey enjoys his games of pool and pan with some of his friends.

I enjoy traveling and visiting my daughter, Norma Jean, and family. Ace and his family live at Whitewood.

Written by Catherine Tallman Duprel Sturgis South Dakota (1968)


Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tennis entertained the Merry Meeters club on Monday evening.


Sgt Alphonse Tennis, of the Marine Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tennis, of Sturgis is home on Furlough. He has been in the Pacific theater of operations. SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Florence Duprel Yanzick Rapid City SD. 1974. Newspaper Obit. Land of the Pioneers Meade county S.D. RECORDS: Divorce Papers (Addision Adair) & Catherine Duprel. Death Record. BORN: Sat MARRIED: Mon DIED: Wed. Age at death 68 years 9 months 3 days. Addison: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Newspaper article, Walt Duprel, Vale SD. 1974. RECORDS: Divorce papers, Sturgis SD. 1923, Court papers, Sturgis SD. 1923 RESIDENCE: Sioux Falls Penitentiary 18 October 1922. Sentenced to 25 years. Ralph: RECORDS: Military, Marriage. SOURCE: Land of the Pioneers, Meade County, Florence Duprel Yanzick, Rapid City SD. 1974. BORN: Sun MARRIED: Mon DIED: Thu. Age at death 53 years 2 months 3 days. George: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Land of the Pioneers. Meade County SD. Newspaper obit. BORN: Friday MARRIED Wednesday. DIED: Saturday. Age at death 92 years 3 mo nths 20 days. NICKNAME: Dewey

64. ii Florentina Anna DUPREL #717 born 12 Apr 1904, Chicago, IL., Occupation Teacher / Bookkeeper, married 5 Jul 1922, in Lead, Lawrence, SD., George YANZICK #727, born 11 Apr 1902, Lead, Lawrence, SD., (son of John YANZICK #4635 and Annie UNK #4636) Occupation Businessman, died 18 Mar 1967, Sturgis, Meade, SD., Buried: ST. Aloysius Cemetery, Sturgis, SD. Florentina died 27 Apr 1981, Sturgis, SD., Buried: 30 Apr 1981, St. Aloysius Cemetery, Sturgis SD. SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 504 12 8847 state of issue South Dakota SOURCE: Florence Yanzick Rapid City SD. 1974, Newspaper obit

Florentina Anna Duprel a daughter of Andre Duprel was born in Chicago Illinois, 12 April 1904. She had six brothers and four sisters and grew up on the ranch home of her parents located 22 miles northeast of Sturgis, South Dakota. her parents moved to Sturgis from Chicago when she was two years old. Somehow Florentina's name was changed to Florence when she started school.

Florence completed her first eight years of school at the Meyer school, she then attended Black Hills Teachers college at Spearfish, South Dakota. After returning home from school she taught the rural Smith school at Vale, South Dakota.

Florence married George Yanzick in Lead South Dakota. They lived in Lead for two years, her husband worked for the Homestake Gold Mine. In 1924 George decided to work for the railroad in Casper Wyoming. He was laid offf during the 1929 stock market crash. The 1930 depression years were spent working in different mines located at Drystone and Custer South Dakota. George worked as a Hoist and Pump man and Florence as a stenographer / bookkeeper and time keeper.

In 1943 they moved to Cheyene, Wyoming where George worked for the Union Pacific Railroad as a fireman and Florence for the Garlett Drug Company as assistant bookkeeper until after World War II. In 1947 they pruchased a Ice Cream Parlor in Spearfish South Dakota and named it the Sweet Shop. They opened a family shoe store at Sturgis South Dakota under the name of Sturgis Shoe Store. The two of them operated the shoe store until the death of her husband in 1967.

Florence sold the store and moved to Rapid City South Dakota were she bought a house and converted it into a duplex.

Written by Florence Duprel Yanzick Rapid City South Dakota (1973) RECORDS: Marriage License Lawrence County. Death Record. BORN: Tue MARRIED: Wed DIED: Mon, Age at death 77 years 15 days George: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Newspaper Obit, Meade County Cementery Records, Family Records, Florence Duprel Yanzick, Rapid City SD. 1973. RECORDS: Marriage License, Marriage Record, 1910 Census Lawrence Co. SD. RESIDENCE: Sturgis South Dakota 1967. SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 503 03 6641 state of issue South Dakota BORN: Friday. Age at death 64 years. George and his family were living in Lawrence County, upper false bottom school district #32 in 1910 census. This census list the following information:

Yanzick John Head of House age 48. born Aust-Bohemia parents born Aust-Bohemia, Farmer in PA in 1888, Wife Annie age 44 born Ger-Bohemia parents born Ger-Bohemia


John age 19 born Pennsylvania, occupation Laborer Annie age 14 born Pennsylvania Steve age 12 born South Dakota Geroge age 10 born South Dakota Mary age 7 born South Dakota Margaret age 4 born South Dakota

Geroge grew to manhood on a ranch near Spearfish. He worked for the Union Pacific Railway in Cheyenne during World War I and later for the North Western Railway at Casper, Wyo. He served as superintendent of the F.E. Schundler Feldspar Co. of Custer for 16 years before moving to Sturgis in 1951. Yanzick Owned and operated the Sturgis Shoe Store. He is survived by his wife, two brothers, David of Sperarfish and Steve of Roane, Mont, Three sisers, Mrs Ann Vergets of Lead, Mrs Mary Parker of Casper, and Mrs. Margaret Tortwood of Spearfish.

Information from Sturgis Tribune newspaper obit dated 22, March 1967

65. iii John DUPREL #718 born 19 Jan 1906, Sturigs, SD, Occupation Tool & Die Maker / Ranche, married 19 Jul 1927, in Rapid City, Pennington, SD., Marjorie Johanna STEIBER #728, born 25 May 1905, Fulton, SD., (daughter of Henry STEIBER #1553 and Mary J. FROMAN #1552) Occupation Teacher, died 1 Dec 1980, Auburn, WA. John died 30 Mar 1986, Auburn, WA., Buried: 2 Apr 1986, Mountian View Cemetery, Auburn, WA. BORN: Fri MARRIED: Tue DIED: Sun, Age at death 80 years 2 months 11 days SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 285 22 2180

John Duprel was born 19 January 1906 on the family homestead near Sturgis, South Dakota. He attended grade school at the Meyer School, a one room school house near their home. In his teens John attended vocational school in Rapid City. While there, he enhanched his mechanical ability by acquiring the skills of a machinist and tool and die maker. His father, Andre, felt someone should be trained to operate and repair the new farm machinery and tools. John said he remembered the weary hours walking behind a team of horses and plow in his early years. As the oldest son, he worked hard as a youngster and later as ayoung man helping his father work the land. Through the years their holdings grew to a sizeabe ranch wtih all the sons doing their share.

In 1925 Marjorie Steiber, Twenty years old, came west from Fulton, South Dakota after completing her teachers training at the State Teachers's College in Brookings. She came to Sturgis to teach at the Meyer School and lived at the Duprel home. She taught some of John's younger brothers and sisters. She and John fell in love and married 19 July 1927 in Rapid City. They lived at the farm for a time then moved on to Fredonia, Wisconsin, where John went to work for his uncle, John Gilson, in the Gilson Brother's Foundry. Their first child, Irene, was born there 2 April 1930.

In 1934 John left the foundry and became a salesman for W.J. Rawleigh Company. They settled in Dodgeville, Wisconsin where their second child, Ronald was born 4 February 1935. They later lived in Monroe, Wisconsin, where their third child, Roger was born 24 October 1938.

In May 1942, John moved his family to Dayton, Ohio, where he joined the World War II effort on the home front as a Machinist/Tool Die maker at the Engineering Division, Propeller Laboratory, Army Air Force Materiel Center, Wright Field. At the same time he also worked a half shift at night at the Univus Lens Company, which made lenses for binoculars, glasses and bombsights for the armed forces.

In April 1944, John resigned his job with the War Department, packed up his family and driving a car and pulling a trailer, headed west. They settled south of Seattle where John looked for work. He found a job as caretaker of a nut orchard. They moved there in the fall of 1944 and later bought the twenty acre orchard of 1700 filbert trees.

John designed and built machinery to harvest and process the nuts. He had a job at Northwest Metals in Kent and later at the Boeing Company. During the big freeze of 1955, most of the orchard was lost, which was a devastating blow. John decided to start an egg operation instead, so he cleared the damaged and dead filbert trees and constructed barns and chicken cages while continuing his job at Boeing. He worked mostly swingshift from 3 p.m. to midnight, came home to sleep, got up early and worked the farm before going back to work.

John left Boeing in 1957 and worked soley at the egg business. They bought their feed and marketed their eggs through the Western Farmers Co Operative. They raised sheep for a while and in the early days they always had milk cow for milk and cream.

Marge worked as hard as John on the farm & in the house. When they had the nut business, the whole family worked at raking and harvesting nuts, drying them in large driers John had designed and built. Roger remembers working all evening getting the nuts ready for maket and being so tired he would fall asleep on the bags of nuts while his mother finished up.

When they had the egg business, Marge and the chldren would all help gather eggs and feed. This had to be done every day, and usually took several hours, depending on how many were helping. In the early years, Marge had to spray the eggs with oil before they were picked up by the Western Farmers' truck. Their eggs were shipped to Alaska & the oiling process game them a longer shelf life

Every summer they had a large vegetable garden worked by the whole family. It provided fresh vegetables from spring through fall and Marge canned vast amounts of beans, applesauce, pears, rhubarb, jams and jellies. When prices on eggs fell, they got out of the chicken business. John took the chicken barns, raised the roofs on some, removed all the cages and turned them into buildings for car and boat storage, which gave him additional income until his death in 1986.

While he ran his storage business, he built up a herd of Charolais cattle. He originally bought five range cows from a farmer in Bellingham which were 7/8 charolais. He bred them to purebred bulls and soon had a beautiful herd of white cattle. The five range cows had been good starters, but they were mean and hard to handle. The meanest he named the long Ranger and she would charge any chance she could. He used to herd them only with a tractor and an electric cattle prod. He finally sold them off, replacing them with his own heifers. When he became ill in 1984, he had sixty-five purebreds, a beautiful heard which was his pride and joy.

Marjorie died in 1980 at age 75. She had not been well the last several years of her life. John lived alone for about four years until his health began to fail after developing Lupis and diabetes. he died on Easter Sunday, 30 March 1986 at the age of Eighty.

John had served as Fire Commissioner for the 44th Fire District of King County. He also served on the Washington State Board for Control of Noxious Weeds and on the Egg Producers Board for the Western Farmer's Co op. he was a member of the Washington State Cattleman's Association and the National Charolais Association.

One of Irene's fondest memories of her father was his later years when he played Santa Claus at the community club's annual Christmas parties. He even grew a beard which he kept for the remainder of his years.

Marjorie was a wife, mother, homemaker and farmer. She put in a full day every day cooking three large, hot meals for John and the children. She was undoubtedly one of the best cooks around. She could turn any leftouver into a tantalizing meal. After lunch each day, she would put on her scarf and boots, go out and pick up eggs or do other farm chores, come back in and prepare a large dinner. She probably had the cleanest house in the neighborhood as well.

Both John amd Marjorie were buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Auburn, Wa.

Written by Roger Duprel Bellevue, WA. & Irene Duprel Centralia, WA. (1989)

Marjorie: SOURCE: Affidavit of Parentage, SD. dept of Health, Divison of Public Health Statistics, Pierre, SD. dated 30 Mar 1970, signed by brother Howard Steiber. Death Cert for Marjorie Steiber State of WA. King Co. dept of Health, Vatal Statistics Sec, Dec 1, 1980, local file #9493, state file #146-8

Marjorie was born in Fulton, SD. to Henry and Mary Frohman Steiber on May 25, 1905. She was the fifth child, the third daughter in a family of eight children.

Their father had homesteaded in Davison County, SD. as a young man in his early twenties, and married her mother around 1890. They farmed for many years later moving into Fulton, Hanson County, SD. where Henry was a cattle buyer after his health was not strong enough for farming any longer.

Marjorie attended the local schools in Fulton and got her teachers certificate from the State Teacher's College at Brookings. In 1925, at the age of 20, she got a job teaching at the Meyer School on the property adjoining the Duprel homestead outside of Sturgis, SD. She lived at the Duprel home, where she met and married the oldest son John on 19 July 1927.

Marge & John had three children & after living in Wis and Ohio for a few years, they went west and settled south of Seattle in Auburn, WA. They bought a 20 acre farm and resided their until their deaths.

Written by Barbara and Roger Duprel Belleuve WA. (1990)

RECORDS: Marriage License, Marriage Certificate. BORN: Thursday DIED: Monday. Age at death 75 years 6 months 6 days. SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 539 26 6237 issued in the state of Washington

66. iv Mary Jeanette DUPREL #719 born 16 Aug 1907, Volunteer, Meade, SD, Occupation Nurse / Businesswomen, married 1941, Robert BRAUN #729, Occupation Deliverd Express, Buried: abt 1957, CA ?. Mary died 7 Feb 1953, CA,.

Jeanette Marie Duprel fourth child and third daughter of Andre Duprel and Anna Gilson Duprel, received her rural education at the Meyer School. She continued with her education & went to Nurses training at St. John's Hospital in Rapid City South Dakota for 2 years. She completed her Nurses training in Chicago Illinois about 1930. She then moved to Los Angeles Ca. where she was a private nurse/companion to Mrs Kraft (of Kraft cheese Co. until 1939. While Jeanette was doing private nursing she graduated from Fashion Design School. She opened her own high fashion shop in Los Angeles, around 1939. In 1941 she she married Robert Braun. He worked for the Express Company delivering express.

Jeanette was very business minded. Before she had her fashion design shop she opened & operated a reducing salon in L. A. Ca for about 2 years Even though Jeanette moved far from home, she did not break her family ties. She sent several boxes of clothing to her younger brothers and sisters in SD. She went home as often as she possibly could. She visited her brother Leonard Duprel in Ben Lomond Calif several times. & when her sister Laura (Trixie) left home, she came to live with Jeanette in Calif.

Jeanette Duprel Braun is buried in Los Angeles California. Leonard Duprel and wife Barbara Schaff Duprel of Boulder Creek California along with John Duprel of Kent Washington and Laura Duprel Kilpatrick of Hollywood California attended her funeral. Bob and Jeanette did not have any children. Robert (Bob) Braun had a daughter by his first wife, he died a few years after Jeanette.

Written by Florence Duprel Yanzick Rapid City SD. (1973)

Leonard A. Duprel Scotts Valley CA. (1973) SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Florence Duprel Yanzick Rapid City SD. 1973 and Leonard A. Duprel Scotts Valley CA. 1973. BORN: Friday DIED: Saturday. Age at death 45 years 5 months 22 days RESIDENCE: Hollywood Ca. 1953. Robert: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Florence Duprel Yanzick 1973 Rapid City SD.

67. v Andrew Leonard DUPREL #13 born 28 Oct 1909, Sturgis, Meade, SD., Occupation Carpenter (Leadman), married 4 May 1936, in Bear Butte, SD., Barbara SCHAFF #14, born 27 Jun 1917, Lead, SD., (daughter of John Joseph SCHAFF #18 and Bertha HOLDREN #19) Occupation Mother / Housewife. Andrew died 12 Feb 1984, San Jose, CA., Buried: Cremated, San Jose, CA. BORN: Thur MARRIED: Monday DIED: Sun. Age at death 74 years 3 months 15 days. SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 529 10 9337 issued in the state of Utah.

Andrew the second son and fifth child of Andre Duprel and Anna Gilson was born in Volunteer, South Dakota in the year 1909. He was called Leonard by his parents, and continued to use that name through out his life. When he was born his parents named him Andrew Leonard Duprel after his father. But having two Andrews in the same house can cause a few misunderstandings, so it was decided call him by his middle name of Leonard, this was done early in Leonard life. According to Andre Homestead Patent papers dated 1910, he listed the names of his children as Katie, Florence, Marie, John and Leonard. And again on his Naturalization papers he list his childrens names and ages, Katie age 7 years, Florence age 6 years, John age 4 years, Marie age 2 years, and Leonard age 6 months

As a child Leonard spoke his parents language of Letzebuerger as did his older brother and sisters. He attended the Meyer School and worked for his father on his father's ranch, near Sturgis South Dakota later going into partnership with his father and two brothers. Leonard married Barbara Schaff of Bear Butte Valley. A son Carroll was born in 1937, while still on the home ranch.

In Jan 1938 the ranching partnership was disolved, so they left for Nevada. Leonard worked at the Owyee Copper Mine until it closed. They then moved to Fruitland Idaho, where Leonard worked at a near by mine. A daughter Anna May was born in 1938 in Caldwell Idaho. In November 1938 they moved back to Nevada, Leonard worked at the Anda Conder Van Winkle Mine, and at the Ruth mine. He mined for the Consolidated copper miners cooperation of Kimberly, Nevada.

In the fall of 1940 they moved to Vallejo, California, where he went to work at Mare Island as a carpenter. He helped build Hunters Point near San Francisco California. During World War II Leonard worked at Kaiser Ship Yard number III first as a carpenter, then as a supervisor of the Shipfitters assembly plant.

In 1944 they moved to Hartford Washington where Leonard did defense work at the Atomic Plant. returning to El Cerrito, California in November 1944, where Leonard went back to his former position at the Kaiser Ship Yard. On December 6, Richard was born in Albany California.

In June 1945 they bought an 11 unit motel in Ben Lomond California. In 1946 they traded it for a Resort Ranch near Boulder Creek California. They later subdivided it, after they had built two houses on it. At the same time Leonard worked for Kai Carlson, a building contractor, doing both rough and finish work. In 1958 they sold their Boulder Creek ranch and purchased the Happy Landing Court in Ben Lonond, California. They operated it until 1960. After the death of Kai Carlson, Leonard went to work at the Lockheed Test Base, Santa Cruz, California, in May 1958. Leonard is still employed there as a Carpenter Leadman. In January, 1975, Leonard will retire. Leonard and Barbara are presently living in Santa Cruz, California.

Written by Barbara Schaff Duprel, Santa Cruz California (1973)

Add from the "Tourist Court Journal's" dated September 1946 RESORT OR DUDE RANCH 95 Acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Orchard, garden, open land, redwoods. One-half mile creek and highway frontage, good fishing and hunting. Dining room to seat 50, ten sleeping rooms above. Five cabins. Beer and wine licenses. Three-bedroom home, large barn. $42,000. Will sell all or part. Box 525, Boulder Creek, California. (this is the Resort Ranch that Leonard and Barbara traded the Motel in Ben Lomond for in 1946)

Uncle Walter said, that dad use to be a professional boxer, and that he boxed for a couple of years. I believe aunt Josephine (Gilson) said that dad boxed in the eastern S.D. and Maybe Wi, MN and IA area. This all took place before 1936. Uncle Walt said, dad was very very good. I asked if he new why he stopped, he said because his father (Andre Duprel) did not approve. Uncle Walt also mentioned that they use to go to town dances, the girls use to get confused on who was who because they looked so much alike. He said they had a good time fooling them.

Dad retired in 1975, Two of his favorite actives were hunting and fishing. Dad, Mom and my brother Carroll and Carroll sons went on hunting trips together. Both dad and Carroll had Chevrolet Blazers 4X4's. For sleeping they towed a 18 foot travel, later dad replaced it with a Apache pop up trailer, he said the Apachce towed better & was easier to handle on the mountain/side roads. Carroll's sons Douglas, Leonard, and Timothy slept in a tent when they went on these hunting trips. Mom did most of the cooking sometimes Yanna, Carroll's wife was able to come along and could help. Besides fishing dad enjoyed playing cards and an occasional trip to Reno or Las Vegas with mom.

My father was an excellent carpenter, he built two houses from the ground up and rebuilt / remodeled several others. Dad was more than proficient in plumbing, electrical, and masonary work. he was also a very fine finish carpenter, building all of his own kitchen cabinets and various other pices of furniture. It was not unusual to find dad working on the television, fixing the car, or putting a new roof on the house. If something was broke dad fixed it, if you needed something built he built it. Even after Dad retired he would still get up early in the morning. After breakfast you would find working on something in the garage or outside.

I remember as a child growing up, dreading the comming of the weekend, not because Dad would be home, but because now I would have to work on what ever new building / repair project that he was going to do. Now that I look back at those times, I am very greatfull for them, and especially for all that he taught me. Dad was able to work and do the things he liked until the last month of his life. He passed away at Santa Teresa Hospital in San Jose California (1984)

Written by Richard J. Duprel, Lacey, Washington (1993) Barbara: SOURCE: Barbara Schaff Duprel San Jose CA. (1973), Newspaper Wedding Announcement. News from the Valley Irrigator Newell South Dakota. The column heading Vale and Vicinity.

Thurs May 14, 1936: Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Duprel were pleasently susprised friday evening when a group of friends charcaried them. A pleasant evening was spent dancing, after which refreshments were served. Mrs. Duprel, the latter being Barbara Schaff, were married in Sturgis on May 4th.

June 25 1936: Ladies of Bear Bute Valley were hostesses at a surprise brides shower in house of Mrs. Leonard Duprel. The event was held Monday at the Andrew Duprel home.

From the column heading Twilight Vicinity: Sept 24, 1936: Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Duprel, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Duprel, Mr. and Mrs. Raph Odell and Mr. and Mrs. John Middleton visited Sun with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Eichler.

Barbara Schaff was born 17 June 1917 at lead, Lawrence County, South Dakota. She is the youngest daughter of John J. Schaff and Bertha Holdren. She has one brother Jack, now living in Salt Lake City, Utah, and one sister Katherine Whitman living at Gig Harbor Washington.

She attended the Volunteer grade school. She graduated from Sturgis High School in 1934. Barbara worked as a telephone operator in Nisland South Dakota the year prior to her marriage to Leonard A. Duprel. They were married at Bear Butte Valley, South Dakota on 4 May 1936. During World War II Barbara worked at the Kaiser Ship Yard Number III in California as a Journeymen welder for a year and a half.

(see Leonard Duprel for the rest of the family story)

68. vi Alfred DUPREL #720 born 12 May 1914, Vlounteer, Meade, SD, Occupation Rancher, married 25 May 1935, in Bear Butte, Meade, SD., Berneice McKILLIPS #730, born 6 Sep 1917, Vale, SD., (daughter of Oscar A. McKILLIPS #949 and Bertha STOREY #950) Occupation Teacher / Housewife, died 9 Jul 1990, Sturgis, Meade, SD., Buried: 12 Jul 1990, St. Aloysius, Cemetary, Sturgis, SD. Alfred died 20 Sep 1987, Sturguis, SD, Buried: 25 Sep 1987, ST. Aloysius, Cemetery. SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: 504 40 9332 SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Alfred Duprel Sturgis SD. 1974, Newspaper Obit

Alfred grew up on the home ranch of his father and mother. He completed his first eight years of school at the Meyer School he then attended Agricultural college in Brookings South Dakota. After returing home from school he worked for his father until his father retired in 1935. Aflred and Berneice lived for about four years on the nine mile end of the ranch and their three children were born there. In 1939 they moved to the orginal homestead of his parents.

At the time of his father death in 1943 he took over management of the home ranch which he owned and operated until his illness in 1986 of Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.

In 1960 he and his wife bought the John Deer Implement dealership in Sturgis and they operated that until 1974 when he returned to ranching in partnership with his son. Alfred died on Sunday at Sturgis Health Care Center at age 73 years.

Alfred was a member of the St. Francis of Assisi Church, a member of the Western Junior Livestock Association, and was selected one of those honored in 1981 when the show was dedicated to him. A strong supporter of 4-H programs, a member of the South Dakota Stockgrowers, Meade County Crop Improvements Association, Elks Lodge, National Hereford Association, National Limousine Association and Farm Bureau. He was a first place winner in the 1963 Elk Creek Conservation District Soil and Moisture Conservation contest.

Written by Berneice McKillips Duprel Sturgis South Dakota (1988)

News from the Valley Irrigator Newell South Dakota. The column heading Vale and Vicinity.

Aug 5, 1937; A 10 pound daughter who has been named Shirley Anne was born Sunday, July 25th, to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Duprel at the O.A. McKillips home.

From the column Twilight Vicinity

June 11, 1936; Mrs Joe Nelson and Mrs. Elmer Eichker and children made a trip to Sturgis last Saturday and also called at the A. Duprel home. Age at death 73 years 4 months 8 days BORN: Tue, MARRIED: Saturday, DIED: Sun. Berneice: SOURCE: Alfred Duprel, Sturgis SD. 1974. Newspaper Obit. RECORDS: Marriage. RESIDENCE: Sturgis SD. 1990. BORN: Thurday DIED: Monday. Age at death 72 years 10 months 3 days. SSAN #503-72-6691

69. vii Walter Paul DUPREL #721 born 24 Feb 1916, Volunteer, Meade, SD, Occupation Rancher, married (1) 23 Oct 1944, in Broadus, MT., Lola Lucille SCHUELKE #731, born 24 Dec 1920, Mud Butte, SD., (daughter of Albert SCHUELKE #978 and Elizabeth PEREGRINE #979) Occupation Mother & Housewife, married (2) Mar 1937, Elise BRECK #981, born Mitchell, SD.

Walter Paul Duprel the 7th child of Andre' Duprel and Anna Gilson. Has lived in Vale SD. all his life except for a short time in his youth when he was testing the world. In 1943 he desided to settle on a farm/ranch in Meade County, South Dakota. Where he has been a sucessful farmer and rancher. The rach has grown to be a two family operation with son Jerry becomming a partner. The farming consisting of mostly alfalfa hay, corn and wheat and feeding out calves which they buy at the local markets in the fall and sells in the spring. The ranch consists of raising purebred Charolais cattle and selling our purebred bulls at a special sale each spring at our local cattle auction. Our family consists of 2 children, Jerry and Bobbie and 3 grandchildren.

Written by Walter Paul Duprel Vale South Dakota (1987) SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Walter Duprel Vale SD. 1974 and 1987. RECORDS: Birth Lola: SOURCE: Lola Schuelke Duprel Vale SD. 1987. RESIDENCE: Vale SD. 1990. Elise: Elise was from Mitchell South Dakota. SOURCE: Walt Duprel, Vale SD. 1974.

70. viii Clarence Albert DUPREL #722 born 25 Jul 1917, Sturgis, Meade, SD., Baptized: Bear Butte Valley Church, SD., Occupation Engineer / Farmer, married 31 Dec 1942, in Fort Crook, NE., Cyrilla Jeanette OGUREK #732, born 6 Feb 1924, Omaha, NE., Baptized: 1924, St. Columban's, NE., (daughter of John OGUREK #993 and Margaret HOPKA #994) Occupation Mother / Housewife. Clarence died 13 Nov 1990, Greenville, MS., Buried: 16 Nov 1990, Greenville, MS, Lakeview Cemetery., Military serv: U.S. Army, 1941-1946. SOURCE: Clarence Duprel Greenville MS. 1974, Newspaper wedding announcement, Clarence Duprel, Greenville MS. 1988. BORN: Wednesday, MARRIED: Thursday, DIED: Tuesday. Age at death 73 years 3 months 19 days RECORDS: Birth, Military. RESIDENCE: Greenville Ms. 1990

Clarence graduated from the University of Nevada with a B.S. degree in mining engineering. In 1941, he went into the Army, he married Cyrilla in 1942. Cyrilla is from Bellevue Nebraska. In 1944 Clarence was sent to the South Pacific and the Western Ocean areas as an officer in the Corps of Engineers, returning in 1946 with the rank of Major. Clarence went to work for Tenn Gas Transmission Company of Houston Texas in 1946. He stayed with them for six years. He was chief Engineer when he left in Jan of 1952. After that he bought land in Greenville Mississippi, where he was engaged Rice in farming until his retirement in 1985. (note) Clarence nickname is Duke

Written by Clarence Duprel Greenville MS. 1973

After Duke's retirement, he enjoyed bowling, golf and hunting. He belonged to the VAW serving as Commander, and to the Knights of Columbus, serving as Grand Knight. He served on the MS. Governors Boat and Water Safety commission and was president of Lake Lee Hunting Club of Greenville. His hobbies included cooking, preparing various recipes made from game were favorites of his.

Written by Cyrilla Ogurek Duprel. Greenville, MS. 1995 Cyrilla: SOURCE: Cyrilla (Twin) Ogurek Duprel Greenville MS. 1993 RESIDENCE: Greenville MS. 1993 BORN: Wednesday

71. ix Edwin Nicholas DUPREL #723 born 27 Feb 1919, Strugis, Meade, SD, Occupation Businessman, married 1942, Eunice Ethel MARTIN #733, born 8 Jun 1924, Deatsville, AL., (daughter of T. D. MARTIN #1843 and Emma BLOCKER #1844) Occupation Restored & Sold Antiques, died 20 Feb 1986, Montgomery, AL., Buried: 22 Feb 1986, Memory Garden, Prattville, AL. Edwin died 16 Oct 1976, Montgomery, AL., Buried: 19 Oct 1976, Memory Garden, Prattville, AL., Military serv: Army Air Corps, 1941 - 1945. SOURCE: Edwin Duprel Prattville AL. 1974, Newspaper Obit ARMY SERVICE NUMBER: 0 749956 SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 420 48 5404 issued in the state of Alabama.

Edwin the 6th son of Andre Duprel & Anna Gilson Duprel was born in Sturgis South Dakota. At the time of his birth his mother age was 36 and his father 38 years old. Eddie as he was called, was the 9th child in a 11 children family.

He attended his first eight years of school at the Meyers grade school. He then attended Vale High School for two years. He completed his high school education at Sturgis South Dakota where he graduated in 1937. For the next 3 years he worked on his fathers ranch. Then in August 1941, he enlisted in the Air Force (Army Air Corps) and was sent to Radio Tech School at Scott Field in Illiniois.

In October of 1942 he applied for Aviation Cadet School and was accepted. He went to school at Santa Anna California, he was commissioned a 2nd LT. at Roswell New Mexico on 10 Jul 1943 as a Bombardier, he then went to Carlsbad New Mexico Navigation School. In 1944 he was assigned to the 385 Bomb Group, 8th Air Force in England. He completed 35 missions over Germany and German controled territory, he was decorated 7 times, 1 Distinguished Flying Cross, 4 Air medals and 2 Presidentual Group Citations. He returned to New Mexico, as an Instructor.

When the War was over in 1945 he asked to be sperated from the service and was put on the reserve status as a Captain and was discharged in October 1954. While stationed at Maxwell Field Air Force Base in Montgomery Alabama. He became acquainted with Eunice Ethel Martin of Prattville Alabama. They were married in 1942. In 1945 after being seperated from the service he moved to Sturgis South Dakota, where he purchased a Confectionery which he operated until 1948. He then sold the Confectionery and moved to Prattville Alabama. he purchased land and constructed a Poultry processing plant which he operated until 1962. The plant was sold to Armour Packing Company. He then purchased a Drive Inn Resturant and Moble Home Park.

Written by Edwin Duprel Prattville Alabama (1974)

Eddie passed away in 1976, Eunice in 1986 both in Prattville Alabama. Eddie and Eunice spent much of their free time, Bass fishing and bowling.

News articles from the Sturgis Tribune South Dakota.

Second Lieutenant Edwin N. Duprel, son of Mrs Anna Duprel, 1407 west main st. has been awarded his bombardier wings upon graduation from Roswell, New Mexico A.A.F. (Sturgis Tribune 16 Sep 1943)

Sgt Edwin N. Duprel, son of Mrs Andrew Duprel, 1407 west main st. is now serving in the armed forces overseas. Sgt Duprel is a member of the Air Force (Sturgis Tribune 29 June 1944) Age at death 57 years 7 months 19 days RECORDS: Birth, Military. BORN: Tursday, DIED: Saturday. Eunice: SOURCE: Eunice Martin Duprel, Prattville AL. 1974. RESIDENCE: Prattville AL. 1986. BORN: Sunday DIED: Thursday. Age at death 61 years 8 months 12 days. SOCIAL SECURITY ACCOUNT NUMBER: 416 22 4731 issued in the state of Alabama

72. x May Josephine DUPREL #724 born 1 May 1921, Sturgis, Meade, SD., Occupation Real Estate Broker, married 3 Jul 1939, in Sturgis, Meade, SD., Lloyd THOMPSON #734, born 1 Jan 1918, Rapid City, SD., (son of Clinton E. THOMPSON #2431 and Mattie A. MURPHY #2432) Occupation Businessman.

May Josephine the 10th child of Andre Duprel and Anna Gilson. She was nicknamed May Jo by her sister Florence. she grew up in Sturgis S.D. She later married Lloyd Thompson. In 1939 they moved to Custer S.D. where Lloyd was employed at the Feildspar Mill, until May 1942. They moved to Cheyenne, WY. where Lloyd worked as an inspector at United Air Lines, until the airlines moved to San Francisco in 1946. They operated a grocery store in Cheyenne until 1951 when they moved to Rapid City S.D. Lloyd operated a service station there until 1968. May Jo was a real estate broker there. In 1968 they bought the Sylvan Kake Resort in the Black Hills & operated it for several years. They are presently retired. May Jo and Lloyd hobbies are horse back riding and bowling. They are now living in Spearfish South Dakota. (1988)

Written by May Josephine Duprel Thompson Rapid City South Dakota (1973) RECORDS: Birth, Marriage SOURCE: May Jo Duprel Thompson, Rapid City SD. 1974.& 1987 BORN: Sunday, MARRIED: Monday ALIAS: Mae Jo Lloyd: SOURCE: Lloyd Thompson, Spearfish SD. 1987. RESIDENCE: Spearfish SD. 1990. BORN: Tuesday

73. xi Laura Beatrice DUPREL #725 born 7 Jun 1922, Sturgis, SD, Occupation Retired, married (1) 7 May 1969, Alan FREEDMAN #735, married (2) Charles KILPATRICK #1049, married (3) Jordan KAISER #1051.

I deduced that aunt Laura's nickname of Trix comes form her middle name of Beatrice. On her birth certificate her middle name is written as Beatrice, but on her high School graduation announcement it is written as Beatrix. Aunt trix graduated from Sturgis High School in Sturgis, South Dakota in 1939. After graduation aunt trix moved to North Hollywood CA. and stayed with her sister Jeanette. Jeannette was living there with her husband Bob Braun. Aunt Trix lived with them for a couple of years.

I met aunt Laura several times as I was growing up, she used to come up to northern California every couple of years and visit with my father Leonard Duprel. While I was taking my Marine Corps advance training in southern California I used to spend weekends at aunt Laura's and her son Alan home. I remember she was driving a red 1957 "T" bird, which was a pretty sporty car for the times. I kept trying to talk her into loaning it to me for the weekend but she would not go for it.

Laura and her husband Allen Feedman are living in southern California they are both retired and enjoying the good life. Her son Allen lives in in Novato California. He writes computer business programs.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Hinesville GA. (1988) RESIDENCE: Escondido CA. 1990 SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Laura (Trixie) Duprel Freedman Escondido CA. 1990 BORN: Wednesday MARRIED: Tuesday Alan: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Barbara Schaff Duprel, Santa Cruz CA. 1974. Charles: SOURCE OF INFORMATION: Barbara Schaff Duprel, Santa Cruz CA. 1974. NICKNAME: Chuck Jordan: ALIAS: Jordy He was in the Pacific Theater of War. (WW II) 1946

39. Jean DUPREL #1194 (16.Jacque4, 7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 21 Jan 1884, Goeblange, Luxembourg., Occupation Mason / Miner, married 30 Jan 1907, in Rumelange, Luxembourg., Elizabeth WEIS #1220, born 25 Apr 1883, Rumelange, Luxembourg., (daughter of Francios WEIS #10642 and Marie THILL #10643) died 11 Mar 1967, Rumelange, Luxembourg., Buried: 13 Mar 1967, Rumelange, Luxembourg. Jean died 7 Jan 1916, Rumelange, Luxembourg., Buried: Rumelange, Luxembourg. RESIDENCE: Rumelange Luxmebourg. SOURCE: Anna Thomes Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg 1971. BORN: Monday DIED: Friday. Age 31 years 11 months 17 days.

Jean Duprel was the youngest son of Jacque Duprel and Jeannette Mathay. He was 16 years old when he moved from his parents home in Goeblange to Rumelange Luxembourg in 1900. Jean married Elise Weis in 1908 when he was 24 years old. Jean worked for a contractor as a Mason, he built most of the house now owned by his son Nicolas Duprel. Jean later worked as a miner in Rumelange. He died at the age of 32. (mine accident)

Written by Nicolas Duprel Rumelange, Luxembourg (1973) Elizabeth: SOURCE: Anna Thomes Duprel, and Nicolas Duprel Rumelange, Luxembourg 1972 NICKNAME: Elise. RESIDENCE: Rumelange Luxembourg 1967. BORN: Wednesday DIED: Saturday. Age at death 83 years 10 months 14 days.


74. i Anna DUPREL #1222 born 20 Jun 1908, Rumelange, Luxembourg., Occupation Nurse/Grocey Store owner, married 12 Jul 1934, in Rumelange, Luxembourg., Mathias THOMES #1223, born 5 Sep 1907, Rumelange, Luxembourg., (son of Peter THOMES #9328 and Magdalena SCHEER #9329) Occupation worked for Lux goverment, died 9 Dec 1976, Rumelange, Luxembourg., Buried: 11 Dec 1976, Rumelange, Luxembourg. Anna died 19 Jun 1984, Dudelange, Luxembourg., Buried: Rumelange, Luxembourg. RESIDENCE: Rumelange Luxembourg 1984 SOURCE OF INFORMATION. Anna Thomes-Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg 1971. BORN: Saturday DIED: Wednesday. Age at death 76 years.

Anna was eight years old when her father died (Jean). He did not leave a pension, so Elise Anna's mother had to find work to support them. Anna was always a good student in school and was supposed to go on learning, after a few years in high school for young girls (she was 15 or 16 she left school to go to Paris, France. There she worked as a children's nurse for a couple of years, in order to make money to help support the family.

Anna came back to Rumelange in 1926-1927 and worked as a sales girl in a confectionery shop in Esch-Alzette Luxembourg. She worked there for 10 years. Anna married Mathias in 1934. He was from Rumelange but had gone to the U.S. he was on a visit when he and Anna were married. Anna was to return with him but her mother did not approve. Mathias returned to the U.S. but after 9 to 10 months, and still no Anna, Mathias decided to return to Rumelange.

Soon the war (World War II) started and the Germans occupied Luxembourg. In 1941 Anna helped a French prisoner of war escape from the Germans. He came to their house. Anna shaved him, clothed him, they bought him a ticket so he could return to his home in Melun, near Paris, Anna and Mathias were members of the Luxembourg Resistance Forces.

Anna and Metty house was a headquarters for the Resistance-Forces. Luxembourgers who ran away from the German Army were hidden by them or they found them places to stay. The Germans took families from Luxembourg and forced them to go to Poland (Schlesien) area. These people were only allowed to take what they could carry by themselves. Anna and Metty visited one of these camps up in Wartha in Schlesien on the Neisse, the actual border of east and west Germany. They took food to the families and arranged several loadings of food and clothes for thse people during the war. This was very much apprectiated by these people.

One of there friends was caught shipping and loading to Wartha, he was taken to prison in Luxembourg. They managed to arrange to get the food to the right place. Metty said, it was rather interesting, but he stayed in great danger, from the Germans if we were ever caught, they would of killed all us. The Germans were forced to leave Luxembourg by the Americans in September 1944. Metty Thomes was the officer de liaison between the resistance and the American Army. On September 10, 1944 he had diner at the same table as General Bradley and helped to arrange defensive places around Luxembourg. Metty had an office at the headquarters of Colonel Yette, who was the commander of the C.I.C. Their daughter Maline was born in 1945, after her birth they intended to go to the U.S. Metty's sister and her husband had arranged it all for them. They sold their furniture and went to live with Ann's brother Nicolas and their mother in Rumelange. But it took so long to get the papers and affidavits in order to get an i mmigrants license that when Mathias was offered a job with the government he gave up his plans and stayed in Rumelange.

On 1 February, 1947 Metty began working for the Social Insurance of Workers, for the Luxembourg Government. Anna started her own grocery store, where she still lives and works. Mathias retired in 1972 and Anna retired in 1973.

Anna took care of her mother until her death in 1967. Anna enjoys her visits with her brother Nick every Wednesday. On each Thursday she visits her parents graves. They are both very proud of their two children and four grandchildren. Both Anna and Mathias take long walks daily. According to the services of Metty Thomes to the Luxembourg Government he was awarded the silver medal of the Ordgre Grand Ducal de la Couronne de Chene, by the Gand Duc Jean of Luxembourg on 20 June 1968. Another decoration concernig the resistance during that period of the war, (18 October 1942 to 10 September 1944) et deportes militaires Luxembourg. Translation, central committee of the union of the military conscripts refactory (deserters) of the German army) and those who had been transported by the Germans into foreign countries up to the Russian border.

Written by Mathias Thomes Rumelange, Luxembourg (1973)

I completed the first family book in 1974. Just about everthing in from Luxembourg was translated into English by Metty. On several occasions Metty and Jean Pierre Duprel of Greisch, gathered records from the local churchs and court houses. This was not an easy task, most of those records were in Latin or old German script. (After 1795 they were written in French)

Metty was very instrumental in the first book, with out his help so much of the family information from Luxembourg would have been lost. I stayed with Metty and Anna on several occasions while I was in the Army station in Germany. Metty and Anna were with me on all of the family get togethers in Luxembourg and France.

Anna always seemed to have a smile, I can't remember a time that she wasn't happy. When I use to visit, she alway made me feel like I was at home, both Anna and Metty have since passed away, they will be missed, they were both very special and will be remembered with kind thoughts.

Written by Richard J. Duprel Hinesville, Georgia (1988) Mathias: SOURCE: Metty Thomes, Rumelange Luxembourg 1971. RESIDENCE: Rumelange Luxembourg 1976. NICKNAME: Metty

75. ii Nicolas DUPREL #1221 born 8 Aug 1910, Rumelange, Luxembourg., Occupation Mine Electircian, married 1943, Mary THIEL #1481, born Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg., died abt 1987. Nicolas died 12 Nov 1988, Rumelange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: Nicolas Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg 1971. RESIDENCE: Rumelange Luxembourg 1988. BORN: Monday DIED: Saturday. Age at death 78 years 3 months 4 days.

After Nicolas finished his school, he started his career to become an electrician at the Steel Works in Schifflange-Arbend. In order to get his mastership he worked there for three years with no pay, but once he finished the three years they gave him a bonus.

From his first earnings Nick's mother bought him a motorcycle. With his friends on the back he rode all over the country & many other countries. Nick is supposed to have had many girlfriends at that time, but he was not inclined to marry any of them. In 1940 the 10th of May, when the German army entered Luxembourg, all of the people from Rumelange were evacuated into France. This for most people was an unpleasant task and had to be organized and here Nick had to manage with the city authorities. He was one of the last ones who departed from Rumelange. In France most of the families were spread all over certain departements so as in the "cote d'" or in the "Saone et Lorie". But Nick who had his motorcycle ran all over these parts of France to bring these families together again.

The beginning of July 1940 when Luxembourg was occupied by the Germans, the families came back to Rumelange and found most of their property in a vary bad shape. Every transportable item had been stolen by the German soldiers and part of the town had been bombed in May, and the houses were in ruin. Nick came back on his motorcycle, but found their house all upset. First of all he missed his two accordeons, not even mentioning his mothers bedcloth's and all the laundry. The Germans paid part of the damage that people had, but Nick never got a penny for his loss. Because he had said to one of the German collaborators, that he would prefer to get his accordeons back when the Americans get here. (he was right, but it still lasted four long years. Nick got into the Resistance real early, he had never become a member of any of those German organizations where people were forced to enter. Nick helped all those who had to suffer by the occupying forces, but in all his actions he was wise enough not to be caught , other wise he would have to spend certainly a few years in a German prison.

In 1943 (during the War) he married Marie Thiel she was from Esch. In 1944 his mother moved to her daughters (Anna Thomes Duprel) so Nick was alone in the house with his wife. In 1967 his mother made arrangement so he could have the house for a small amount.

Written by Nicolas Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg (1973)

Mary had a niece Yolande. At a early age her parents passed away so Nick and Mary raised Yolande as their own. In 1971 Yolande while visiting Richard John Duprel and his family in Germany (Richard was in the American Army and station in Germany from 1969-1972) met Donald Adair a friend and co-worker of Richard's. Yolande and Donald were married in 1973. In 1987 Don was still in the Army. He and Yolande were living in Arlington Texas.

Nic passed away in 1988, the town of Rumelange, Luxembourg named a street for him "rue Nic Duprel"

Written by Richard J. Duprel Lacey Washington 1994 Mary: SOURCE: Anna Thomes-Duprel, Rumelange Luxembourg 1971. RESIDENCE: Rumelange Luxembourg 1990. Mary has a niece name Yolande, she married Donald Adair abt 1972 or 73. Don was in the Army and stationed in Germany. After his tour was up he and Yolande were transferred to the states. The last known address was ------

6321 Elm Sprins Dr.

Arlington TX. 76017 Don should retire form the army in 1990.

SOURCE: Richard J. Duprel, Hinesville GA. 31313

40. Catherine DUPREL #1192 (16.Jacque4, 7.Nicolas3, 2.Jean2, 1.Jean1) born 14 Feb 1886, Goeblange, Luxembourg., Occupation Cafe owner, married in Nospelt, Luxembourg., Nicolas LIEFFRIG #1196, born 20 Feb 1880, Roodt, Luxembourg., (son of Jacob LIEFFRIG #1437 and Barbara STRAUS #1436) Occupation Cafe owner. Catherine died 4 Mar 1934, Steinfort, Luxembourg. Catherine was Nicolas Lieffrig second wife. Catherine and Nicolas owned a Cafe in Roodt Luxembourg. (see picture) The Cafe had a area for outside Bowling. I visited the Cafe in 1971 with Matty Thomes husband of Anna Duprel. Catherine husband became a heavy drinker while they owned the Cafe. So the family moved to Steinfort Luxembourg. The Cafe was still in use in 1988.

RESIDENCE: Steinfort Luxembourg 1934 SOURCE: Nicolas Duprel and Matty Thomes Rumelange Luxembourg 1973. BORN: Sunday DIED: Sunday. Age at death 48 years 18 days. Nicolas: SOURCE: Nicolas Duprel Rumelange Luxembourg 1973, Metty Thomes Rumelange Luxembourg 1973. BORN: Friday Nicolas had a brother name Jean Pierre Liefrig who came to the states. See book Haus uno familienchronik Simmern.


76. i Anne LIEFRIG #1197 married Albert SCHMIT #1200, born 1905, died 18 Apr 1972, Differdange, Luxembourg. SOURCE: Nicolas Duprel and Matty Thomes, Rumelange Luxembourg RESIDENCE: Differdange, Luxembourg 1971 Albert: SOURCE: Nicolas Duprel, Rumelange Luxembourg, Metty Thomes Rumelange Luxembourg 1973. ALIAS: Jemp

77. ii Robert LIEFRIG #1198 born 1909, Roodt, Luxembourg., died 16 Nov 1963. SOURCE: Nicolas Duprel, Rumelange Luxembourg, Metty Thomes Rumelange Luxembourg 1973. Pierre Krecke Lux City Luxembourg 1995 DIED: Saturday. Age at death 54 years. (not married).

78. iii Mathilde LIEFRIG #1199 born 27 Apr 1913, Roodt, Luxembourg., Baptized: 3 May 1913, Roodt, Luxembourg., married 4 Aug 1934, Louis KRECKE #1208, born 11 Sep 1904, Luxembourg., Baptized: 16 Sep 1904, Luxembourg., (son of Michel KRECKE #9599 and Catherine GONNER #9600) Occupation Railway Loc Driver, died 19 Jan 1974, Luxembourg., Military serv: no. Mathilde & Louis lived in Bonnevoir Luxembourg. After Louis passed away in 1974 Mathilde moved to Howald Luxembourg to live with her son Pierre. In 1989 Mathilde helped me identify some pictures that I had from Luxembourg, that had belonged to Anna Gilson Duprel. SOURCE: Pierre Krecke Luxembourg City 1987. BORN: Sunday MARRIED: Saturday Louis: SOURCE: Pierre Krecke Luxembourg City Luxmebourg 1987.


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